Grave Maurice (ex Q Bar at the Grave Maurice), Whitechapel

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posted by pubdog on 25/11/2008

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Back to the Grave Maurice again, a change of management has indeed brought about change, but it was too much to hope that it would return to being the oddity that was the Grave Maurice of yore. Predominately furnished in black, with rather bright lighting and looking a bit a like a 1970's disco, the Grave Maurice appears to be trying to create a club atmosphere, but in the end it appears rather stark and soulless. The Island bar (once butted against a a wall) offers nothing in the way of real ale and the few taps provide a limited range of super-cold lager, cider and Guinness, there's also bottled stuff, but again the choice is fairly limited. We guess it wouldn't be Whitechapel without a mixed crowd and among the few studenty types and locals were one or two lost looking souls. This certainly isn't the Grave Maurice of old, although you'll find it's still an odd place, not interestingly quirky though, rather with a sense of it not quite knowing in which direction it's aimed. We wonder what Morrissey would make of it now.

Paddy Power wins out - Grave Maurice is now a bookmaker

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07 Jan 2011
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I have heard that the venerable Maurice has recently been converted into a bookmakers. Please, say it ain't so.

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247 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, London, E1 1BY

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