Green Dragon Bar & Restaurant, Barnet

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
It seems the fashion for calling your pub anything but a pub has reached as far as the edge of London. The Green Dragon (a 'bar and restaurant') is an old country pub brightened and tidied up for the 21st century. However, its not a bad place by any means; there's a small bar section with a smattering of couches and a larger restaurant section, which, even with wine glasses and cutlery laid out, was fairly informal. The food wasn't any more expensive than your common-or-garden urban gastropub and pretty good, too. The only drawback is the location, as it stands all alone, surrounded by farmland over two miles from High Barnet along an unlit muddy verge. The one passing bus is infrequent. As such, its understandable that its established itself as a foodie destination in its own right, rather than relying on local drinkers (because there simply aren't any). (new photo to come)
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23 Jun 2012
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Went to this pub today and had an unfortunate experience.

We had cycled there as a nice day out and arrived looking to order some drinks and some food. We stood at the bar with the menus (after waiting there for at least 5minutes before we were noticed. Which isn't bad except the pub was practically empty with only 2 other groups of people there.) and were told by the barman to "take a seat and we'll come and look after you at the table".

We set off for the outside table and then decided we already knew what we wanted for food AND that we were thirsty and would like our drinks to take out with us.

So we returned to the bar and offered to give our orders in there and then before going to our table. We were told quite sharply that no, this wasn't okay and we should go and sit down and they would come to us.

We went and sat down outside and waited. The pub has lovely decor and the sofas outside are looking onto a wheat field and it was quite pleasant. However, after 10-15minutes of waiting, not a soul had come out to us. Not even to take our drink orders! We were pretty thirsty and also quite hungry. So we decided to leave.

One of us popped in to inform the barman that we had decided to leave and wouldn't be ordering after all. We got a blank, incomprehensible look and not a reply! We were expecting at least for an apology or a "sorry we're really busy, have your drinks now and we'll be with you soon". But nothing. Very unimpressed.

For a pub that is not that easy to access unless you are in a car or you have made a particular effort to just go there it really should be more on the ball with it's customers. This pub could be lovely. All it needs is more welcoming staff and a friendly "what can I get you?" when you come through the door!!

We went in the end to "The Duke of York" where we were offered a drink as soon as we walked through the door and had a lovely meal with pleasant staff.
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03 Jul 2009
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The Green Dragon is under new management!

The beauty of The Green Dragon is its diversity of choice. It offers you superb food, relaxed dining with friends and family or simply a light snack in the garden. Through to the relaxed welcoming atmosphere you will receive if you are simply popping in for a quick drink in the relaxed sofa bar.


Choose from a Starter and a Main OR a Main and a Dessert

Available from 12.00 - 16.00pm

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2 St Albans Road, Barnet, London, EN5 4RE
020 8449 2972
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