Griffin, Shoreditch

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Out of hours, people might feel sorry for the Griffin because it looks so lonely and run down, standing forlornly on the corner of a largely barren plot in an otherwise built-up area. But they needn't worry - when it's open this place is absolutely rammed, so much so, we gave up trying to get a drink here and went elsewhere. The Griffin is still the unreconstructed, undeconstructed boozer it always was, but nowadays it's been discovered and appears to be the gathering place of choice for the young arty set around here. On our last visit here, there were a couple of ales on (Flowers & Bass) but neither blew us away so we opted for a good pint of Guinness. It's got a pool table, sport on the telly and a jukebox but there was something a little unsettling about the atmosphere that we couldn't put our fingers on, perhaps it was the gang of rowdy lads that appeared to be causing the two barmen concern. We'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
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19 Dec 2012
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Beer tasted horrible. Bar staff and "manager" were incredibly rude and far too Shoreditch for their own good.
Toilets were overflowing and the whole pub had the beautiful aroma from said toilets wafting through it.
I do NOT recommend this pub to anyone.
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30 Oct 2009
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Your review says this pub is doing all the right stuff and punters love it, but you only give it two glasses because you couldn't be bothered to go in when it was busy! Would you prefer pubs to be empty and have to close down?

Does not compute...

This boozer is brilliant! It hasn't changed since the 1970s; it's thoroughly run-down and everything looks like it's about to fall apart. How the floor passes muster on the old Elf and Saftey is anyone's guess. In an area where a lot of pubs are very good, but most have been modernised to some extent, this is a simple little pub doing the simple litte things right.

Most of the punters are people who work in the area, having a beer after knocking-off time.

Serving local customers, doing things the right way, not tarting the place up? What more do you want? (Well, maybe something to eat, but other than that...)

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93 Leonard Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4RD
0207 739 6719

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