Hand & Shears, Barbican

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Hand & Shears is a great little pub, which, despite it's diminutive proportions, is still divided up into public, private and saloon bars - a real rarity these days. It hasn't changed in years, decades even, though we guess it's only a matter of time before some well-meaning developer gets around to mucking it up. It's got a great old-fashioned pub atmosphere, but it can get a bit crowded, which is possibly the secret of it's avoidance of the renovator's hammer. It hasn't been neglected though, it's a well-loved establishment, that feels just like an English pub should - and the olde-worlde setting around St. Bart's churchSt. Bart's church just adds to the atmosphere. With well-kept real ales on the hand pumps (Adnam's and 6X we particularly liked, although there are other guest beers) and traditional pub grub such as sausage sarnies it's a real drinker's pub that just happens to get rather busy on Friday nights. Oh, and as it's on the edge of the City, it's usually closed at the weekends.
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17 Dec 2014
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Also had a bad experience with the guy behind the bar at this pub tonight. He refused to serve me because I apparently did not say "please" after ordering!! He then became incredibly rude and obnoxious about it leaving me and everyone else at the bar at the time dumbfounded at how he could treat a customer. Will also not be going back.
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24 Oct 2014
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Went there last night with some friends for a reunion. The beer was superb, however, the old man behind the bar was rude and throughly obnoxious to us, me in particular, for no apparent reason. He refused to serve us, even thogh the pub was virtually empty (hardly surprising). That was about 7.30pm. we were not drunk, loud or agressive. I for one will never set foot in there again, not while the old man is behind the bar. Recommend the Lord Raglan not far from there.
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08 Jan 2013
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Well! Well!—it seems that the term ‘On the Wagon’ originated from my new favourite local pub.

It also seems that the tradition of cutting tapes to open things arises from the tradition of the Lord Mayor, standing on the steps of the Hand & Shears and cutting the first cloth to open the Cloth Fair.

Actually, I was never very keen on this pub but the new governor has got in some decent real ales (which change frequently), put on some unobtrusive jazz/blues music that’s actually worth listening to and generally rejuvenated the place.

Yesterday, I enjoyed excellent pints of Hackney Best Bitter, Foundation Bitter and Redemption Pale Ale.

They also had Grandstand Bitter, TT Landlord and Doombar.

Apart from the well-known names, the ‘guv’ seems keen to stock local brews.

Well worth a visit!

Contact details
1 Middle Street, Barbican, London, EC1A 7JA
020 7600 0257
Opening times
Mon-Fri 11:00-23:00
Sat-Sun closed
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