Harvester, Friern Barnet

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The fact that the local pub for this part of North East London suburbia is a Harvester suggests Arnos Grove may have as a good a claim to be the northerly edge of London as the M25. Possibly designed to pick off tiring journeymen from the nearby North Circular, this one does its best to pick up local custom as well. What with the steady disappearance of the old Chef & Brewers (the ones with wagon wheels outside), we're starting to look upon Harvesters in a slightly more favourable light. Not that we're advocating their expansion, but perhaps they've got a place in the grand scheme of things. If Wetherspoon are the McDonald's of pubs, Harvesters are probably the Wimpy's. The case could be made that their family friendly, TV free, food centred establishments cleared the way for the JDW chain. If you want to really push the argument, perhaps the open plan kitchens gave gastropubs an idea or two... Anyway, this place must be an odd one to have as your local pub: a huge barn of a place, with most of it given over to the family restaurant section (with as strict a demarcation as a gastro "Pub & Dining Room" as it happens). If you chance the pub area, there's a fair range of drinks to be had. Still, it must be someone's idea of fun: perhaps all those tube drivers terminating their trains at Arnos Grove have got a taste for the Harvester salad cart.
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02 Aug 2013
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Arnos grove as an area is not known for its over friendly atmosphere but the Arnos Grove Harvester pub is outstanding in being just that..
Staffed from near and far judging by the accents, definitely heard south london, its a British pub offering good British hospitality.A young team eager to please and happy to be working in even the hottest weather 31+ degrees, can you imagine being behind a grill? it must run at over 40 degrees in this heat, and still managing a smile? The customers where getting hot under the collar NOT though the staff, cool and efficient!and still smiling,Especially the boy with the long hair, a student chap I think and brilliant.
The bar service is quick and efficient and the beers COLD!COLD! No excuses of broken pumps and luke warm bottles anytime I have been drinking and eating there. A fully loaded family restaurant area and great if you on the way home or even to work,(they do a breakfast menu)the tube being right next door. Do NOT be put off by whatever reputation it HAS had, the new management are fastidious and the place is finally clean enough to eat in. A quiet garden considering the road and plenty of parking, warning though it gets busy on high days and holidays so DONT just turn up on Fathers day thinking you get a table straight away,if you cannot book dont be a numpty when you dont get a table immediately, dont yell at the staff because YOU cant think ahead!
All in all a good experience and one you should TRY before you JUDGE IT and let them know how its doing,everyone needs a bit of praise now and again!
Overall experience out of 5, 5 keep it up!

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338 Bowes Road, Bounds Green, London, N11 1AN
020 8368 4456

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