Hermit's Cave, Camberwell

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Camberwell's mix of Sarf London geezers and art school types has its perfect home in this popular pub. You're always likely to be drinking with a mix of punters here: fellow drinkers on our visits have included some cheerful Spaniards, an impeccably turned out elderly couple, a few Chaps in suits and some local lager lads. It's that sort of place. As for the fare on offer, we're talking the usual sort of pumps with Leffe and a guest beer as the only (mild) surprises. Food comes with a decent pub grub menu at a fair price. Big screen Sky for the sporting occasions though it's hardly the sort of place that needs that extra incentive to pull in the punters. The attractive interior - including etched windows and a leather settle - is an added bonus. The sign outside says 'Best beer round here'. They could change it to 'Best pub' and few would complain.
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22 Nov 2015
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A lot of alcoholic losers down there at times. The governor is an Irish chap - a firm, polite and chatty elderly bloke but make no mistake, he does not give a toss if you misbehave. This place is a good boozer though. Great selection of good quality real ales and spirits. No music which is great. Good atmosphere in general. There is one con though. Be aware of the governor's daughter behind the counter. She may be quite unpleasant person to encounter. She's got poor communication skills and could be quite rude unnecessarily when you've had one too many which does not help really. She's being patiently tolerated by the customers there. Double-faced and intellectually deluded she is but I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience a good old traditional English boozer.
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18 Jan 2013
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Used to be a great pub about 15 years ago. Now sadly lacking in atmosphere and students.

Revisited with 7 people. Although we got a large round the landlord refused to provide free tap water to a friend with a kidney infection, thereby breaking the terms of the Licensing Act.

He refused to discuss or even dispense water to anyone else.

It is definitely not the best pub in Camberwell. The Bear and the Joiners nearby are both better nowadays. The best pub in the area is the Cadeleigh Arms on Shenley Road.
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13 Jun 2012
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Seems to satisfy a very wide cross-section of society; all of whom seem happy. Amazing range of cider. No longer has Sky, no food, yet still the best pub in London.
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24 Apr 2012
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easily the best pub in Camberwell. My favourite boozer when i am up for a pint.

mix of nice locals and lots of students from the nearby art school.Lovely group of pundits altogether.

Brendan does a good job of keeping this place an honest simple pub.
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30 Mar 2009
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Yes, it is the best pub in Camberwell, by a huge margin.

Contact details
28 Church Street, Camberwell, London, SE5 8QU
020 7703 3188

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