Hole in the Wall, Waterloo

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Pretty much an institution in these parts - and it's stayed pretty much the same for years - this pub is actually quite a large hole in a wall, being situated in railway arches in front of Waterloo Station and has been a watering hole of choice for commuters for many a year. Never a place one would ever describe as spic and span (picture your favourite grotty boozer), and with conversation drowned out by the trains rumbling over head every few minutes, the appeal of the place is not easy to identify. But when you consider it's proximity to the station and the excellent range of beers on the hand pumps, the penny drops. Not a great place for a romantic tÍte-ŗ-tÍte, but a handy one to put right the evils of another day in the office or kill time while waiting for that train.
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18 Oct 2015
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This place is legendary. It's been there since the year dot, certainly before I moved to London over 45 years ago, and has been a mecca for real beer since then. Without pubs like this, the CAMRA revolution would never have happened and we'd all be drinking euro-fizz now. Long may it prosper!! And all you namby-pamby's giving a proper drinking pub bad reviews can just go back to your posh gastro-pubs.
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07 Sep 2014
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One point is being generous. Miserable doesn't even come close to giving the staff justice. Dirty pretty much covers the establishment. But they did serve alcohol, well done them.
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07 Sep 2014
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One point was being generous. Miserable doesn't quite give justice to the staff.
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07 Sep 2013
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the only thing thats improved about this place since I first went there over 30 years ago is it no longer smells of sick.

The front bar is still full of commuters getting a geer before their trip home - the back bar, the flotsams and jetsam.

Poor bar staff spend most of their time either yelling at their friends or texting
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14 Sep 2010
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dear gustavclarke

as everyone that comes in the pub will know that we do not book tables as its not needed. when you rang the pub you told us that there was going to be a big group coming so we told you that we would put on a food for you and set a area for your group as you wanted it for 9pm on a friday night when the food stops at this time. we all so ask you to come in to the pub to put some money down for the food. no body came in. then you rang the pub the night before after 9pm when the person who deals with the food had gone home. wanting to sort something out. which we told you that it was to late to do anything about. nobody had had been in to leave any money so the booking was canceled. you was told this on the phone that it was down to you and we could not do anything at this late in the night. i was next to the manager when you rang up. He was not rude at all he just told you it was to late to do anything about it. he said you can come in for drinks but there will be no food on after 9pm. if he want to be rude as you put it. he would have put the phone down as we was very busy at this time
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11 Sep 2010
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Not as pleasant a boozer as the previous blogger. I would say 100 per cent that its interior/ale selection etc. is alrite, but the Managers need to be sacked. I tried to book a table, and they said it would be fine, 3 times i rang, just to remind etc. I told them it would be a little after serving and is that alrite? yeh yeh, they said...after a load of jibber about being a great pub (tryin to say, its a pub get on with it). on the day, they fobbed me off and were extremely rude, and nearly ruined my evening. Maybe they didn't want my £400.00 that I spent in an average all bar one. I love pubs, i dont expect to be pampered, but a being civil and polite....too much to ask? sack the management and ill be back. its a shame, because i love the pub
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30 Jan 2010
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i love this boozer.

the 'beer garden' has to be seen to be believed and to be fair, considering its location, is an achievement. just don't head for it on a summer's evening thinking of fresh air.

the bar gets busy after work but is superbly lacking in pretension with staff that are efficient and polite. even when some idiot is moaning at the bar because the pint he'd been poured was about 3mm off the top of his glass.


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5 Mepham Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SQ
020 7928 6196

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