Holland Tringham, Streatham

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This one's been sucked into the Wetherspoon's machine since last we were there - yes, we know that's probably been a couple of years now. The improvements have made it a better place to go, certainly, with Wetherspoon's usual attention to beer and reasonably priced food. We saw lots of punters eating when we were in last, and none of them were really out of the ordinary for a Wetherspoons. Anything had to be an improvement on the previous incarnation, and you could do far worse around here. And it's better meeting place than the Bedford, if a little bit further up the High Road.
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27 Jun 2014
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Rather than being pub reviews, the two below are nothing but contrived libellous defamation of character (especially as 'fancyapint' has published a name).
I am visiting this pub tomorrow to suggest Wetherspoon's management take the appropriate action!
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31 May 2013
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Avoid like the plague, could have been a nice pub but ruined by an obnoxious, vile, awful little cow manager called Emma i believe. She is the trashy pale white skinned council estate looking bit of trash with the brunette ponytailed hair. I have been racially abused on many occasions by her also bullied and shouted at because of my skin colour. I simply cannot believe the area manager would hire such a person, it speaks volumes of his abilities and judgement. I have also personally witnessed on numerous occasions Emma Re-use dirty glasses to unsuspecting customers in an attempt to spread STD's all the time. She's a vile little witch. She always serves whites first even if a non white were first in the queue. Come on area manager do something about this now, its horrifically deplorable what is going on here. If your fancy a bout of herpes, thrush or hepatitis b enjoy, otherwise for your own safety avoid or be stupid!!!!!!!!
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01 Nov 2009
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Septic - The Holland Tringham has always been a Wetherspoons pub since it was converted from a Fads store in the late 1990s. It just had the misfortune of going through a period in the noughties of being mismanaged by the most incompetent individual that Wetherspoons have ever seen fit to employ to run a pub.

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107-109 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London, SW16 1HJ
020 7288 9821

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