Hope & Anchor, Highbury

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Hope & Anchor attracts the crowd not catered to in the numerous All Bar One type bars further up the road towards Angel. It proffers live music in a tiny basement, and the imbibing of liquids while sweating to said tunes. Upstairs, there's a cracking jukebox and it's all very cool and skinny jeans-esque, apart from the local old geezer who sits and people-watches all night. It may appear a bit tidier than in its punk heyday, but it's (still) a music pub, it's a bit sticky and it sells beer. 'Nuff said.
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10 Apr 2012
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This is really more of a reply to the review written by "hopeandanchorsucks" (oh you witty, witty man). I was there that night, I know the whole story, I saw you go ballistic for approx half an hour over 1 song calling the bar staff and manager all sorts of names including Facist. He (the manager) tried to a) give you your money back which you subsequently threw back at him and b) explain how this had come about (for quite some time in the face of your abuse). Unfortunately the real reason was me, I asked for the song to be skipped 'cos I bloody hate it and I too was having a good night out and didn't want it spoiled and as long as you claim to have been going there it seems my request held more sway, I paid over the 50p for your selection and didn't have to hear your choice. So it wasn't the pub/bar, the staff or the manager but just me a punter who so ruined your night and not your antics, the shouting, swearing and histrionics that culminated in you throwing your toys from the pram and (at least to my eyes) embarrassing the people with you that put a dampener on things!
Anyhow, you're probably right about "not setting foot" back in the pub as I'd be surprised if your ego could choke down the large slice of a certain pie that'd be necessary.
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25 Mar 2012
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We went in there and put 7 alternative songs onto their jukebox. He (the bar manager) decided to cut the jukebox during a Radiohead song and when I explained that I had been drinking all night in the pub and had a right to listen to the songs that we had paid for (not like it was Kylie or something - if you don't like Radiohead then don't have it on your jukebox), his argument was that it was his bar and he decides what plays. I have been going to the H and A on and off for 20 years and I am disgusted with the way we were treated. The main reason that I go into the Hope and Anchor is that it had a good cross-section of young and older members of society who appreciate the concept of freedom of expression and a good range of music on the jukebox. I am disgusted at the attitude of the barman/manager and I must say I will actively discourage anybody I know or meet to ever set foot in this pub ever again until it is run by reasonable people.

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207 Upper Street, Highbury, London, N1 1RL
020 7354 1312

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