Jans (ex-The Cricketers), Stoke Newington

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
So, you've been looking to buy a bar for months, found the perfect spot, signed the lease, given the place a bit of a refurbishment and chosen some good beers. Onto a winner? Maybe not. Jan's is a case in point that doing everything right sometimes isn't enough. On two consecutive Saturday nights, Jan's has been entirely bereft of customers. It's crime? Being two minutes north east of Church Street, where the action usually takes place. Formerly a harmless but manky place called the Cricketers, the new owners have turned it into an attractive Belgian-style bar. There's two open fires, comfy seating and some nice touches, such as a full sized London Underground sign (for Sudbury Hill, we seem to recall). There's also a couple of ales on tap and an excellent choice of continental bottled beers - better, we think, than anywhere else in the area. So while the nearby Three Crowns is too busy in relation to what it offers, it's a real shame to see this place languishing. How long can it last will all depend on how much support it can garner from the local population. At the moment, it doesn't look promising.
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11 Sep 2013
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Felt a bit creeped out when I went there. Bar staff are knowledgeable but not exactly charming. Felt like I was stepping into the first scene of a horror movie where things aren't quite right. Place is dead most days and when ppl do turn up they tend to stick to the corners. Better places to drink Belgium bear. Owner became spontaneously incredibly rude with me also towards the end of the night. Quite worrying.
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05 Nov 2012
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This place is an absolute haven for anyone sick of trying to enjoy a pint in the local area and finding themselves shouting above the shrieking masses and being jostled into a corner. The beer they have is outstanding, the music is always good and when the live music is on it excels. Mercifully quiet during the week, it has started to pick up at the weekends, which is great for the bar but not for me, but I prefer to drink there when you can enjoy the fire and the tunes without listening to too much barking from a Dalston straggler. The two people who run the bar regularly are informed and no nonsense, and frankly I like a landlord with a bit of personality, even if he does comes across as 'rude' towards the end of the night. Considering the number of watering holes I've been in around here where I've been ignored and treated with disdain by the pseuds that ponce about behind the bar, the staff at Jans would have to spit in my pint to put me off going again. Just a fantastic place, soon to be crowded with 'types' if the last few weekends have been anything to go by, but still an absolute gem and a true original in this wasteland of novelty.
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19 Aug 2012
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I have visited Jan's several times since it opened. I also thought it was an ok venue with a bit of a lack of support from the local community. I now realise that it is just not a great bar/pub. The idea is good but delivered with a real lack of experience and skill. There are so many much better places to drink nearby. It is a big shame because this could habe been a real hidden gem if it was owned by a better person. I have heard from several people that the owner can "get a little rude towards the end of the night"

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18 Northwold Road, Stoke Newington, London, N16 7HR
020 7241 4236

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