John Baird, Muswell Hill

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Now removed from the grip of the John Barras chain, the John Baird has been relaunched after a comprehensive refit (most notable absence: the pool tables). There's now a Thai menu and comfortable furnishings, alongside five exceptionally well-kept ales and a powerful looking scrumpy. As a pub named after the inventor of television, no surprises to see a large flatscreen rather dominating proceedings at the back of the pub. When we popped by there was, however, a rather restful air to proceedings: the sport on the screen was on mute and soundtracked by a Rat Pack CD (we're sure things will be more animated at the weekly Thursday night quiz though). We've not checked the Thai food yet - the deep fried ice cream suggests some Caledonian-Thai fusion - but unfortunately our recent Sunday Roast wasn't great. However, in a part of town not exactly overstuffed with decent pubs, the new look John Baird is not only a very welcome addition but also offers some (much needed) competition to the Famous Royal Oak as Muswell Hill's best pub.
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28 Jul 2013
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I returned here recently to find the garden has had a huge refurb. Its looking lovely and easily rivals that of the Clissold Arms down the road (which has a great garden as well). The other punters seemed very chilled out and it had a very friendly feel. The staff were very nice and I had a good chat with the landlord. Also had a cracking pint of ghost ship. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 was because the price of drinks was nearing my top limit, however I guess that could be a function of its location in Muswell Hill.
All in all - good pub and definitely worth a visit
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06 Sep 2012
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It is trying hard post refit but it can't make up its mind whether it's an old-style pub with the twee fittings, a modern wine-bar or a thai restaurant. the thai food is actually very good and the beers are ok but overall it just doesn't work and most people who drink there only do so because of its location and the lack of decent pubs in the area.
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22 Jul 2012
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What a civilised place. Good range of real ales, lots of nice corners and a calm and relaxed clientele. Landlord also seems a jovial and welcoming sort and the staff are generally pleasant. The Thai food is great. I'm slightly baffled by the previous review; this is by far the best pub in Muswell Hill (not that there's much competition).
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12 May 2012
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The point is merely for the San Miguel I'm sipping right now. It's a lovely evening here in muswell hill, need a pub garden, the Baird sounds like the right place. We enter.. Staff are probably p/t's earning an extra buck with a professional smile and a look that say's kill me. Kill me now. Pints poured, a glance tells me that we're surrounded by locals and the odd chav treating his girlfriend to an anniversary meal.. Yummy.. We enter the garden and straight ahead 400 barrels stacked like ammunition on the front line of a battle zone in Vietnam, the patio bare like an ugly naked Texan obese chic chalked up like a goth and 2 tables piled with enough glasses to serve a gypsy wedding.. The John baird.. To sum up in a sentence.. You'd have to see it to believe it.
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12 Apr 2010
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I visited this pub for the first time earlier this year and I have returned a few times since because i found it a really nice place to come with friends for a casual and relaxed night of drinks. The staff are always friendly and the pub is always clean, as are the ladies toilets which i consider to be highly important to a pub. more recently the garden area has been added to with more benches and tables and i think its the biggest and best presented outside area in muswell hill. i definatley recommend it to anyone !!!!!!
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19 Nov 2009
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My local for ten years. Until a couple of years ago it was like walking into the Star Wars cantina, "a hive of scum and villainy". I was always perplexed where the barflies and pool table thugs slithered in from, this is Muswell Hill after all. Then one day it all changed and only normal people frequent it these days, no more scraps, Police or Vicky Pollards having shoutversations about their relationships with Wayne and Kevin.

Today it's all real ale, quality Thai food and a relaxed, even sophisticated atmosphere. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes.
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18 May 2009
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as a user of this pub off and on for over 14 years now ,I have seen many changes in the pubs decor ,landlords ,owners ,and just as importantly the people who use the baird.

a lot of the time these changes seemed to devalue a lovely local untill I and many of my friends had no wish to use the john baird.

ALL CHANGE ! WE NOW have a small company who refurbished not only the pub to a great standard, brought in top real ales with guest ales and events on a regular basis,a superb collection of lager and cider drought and bottled ,they also put the whole outlook of the pub they encouraged a wonderfull mixture of families ,sports fans ,real ale lovers ,peoples of all types and age groups mid twentys upwards,who all have the same goal to have a great safe and enjoyable time in a proper pub.

ADD to this a full thai restaurant,you can also eat at table in the bar,the food not only looks fantasic it taste even better this is NOT your standard pub thai food this is exceptional food anywhere !,there is also sunday roast,and english menu if needed .a good size garden my partner smokes and is well provided for with no inconvience to non smokers.

all in all a realy nice clean well run pub, and a credit to keith his staff and family who have given muswell hill back its best public house ,something that I never thought would happen


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122 Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3HN
020 8444 8830
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Mon-Thurs 11:00-23:00
Fri 11:00-00:00
Sat 11:00-00:00
Sun 11:00-22:30
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