Kensington Park, Holland Park

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In some ways for us reviewing the Kensington Park is like an an archaeologist discovering the ruins of an ancient temple. Just two minutes from trendy (and expensive) Westbourne Grove, the Kensington Park is a rough old style pub. Lanterns outside which display a long dead brewery, a sparse, utilitarian interior offers no comfort and large screens are present to satisfy the old-style locals who come here. There were still plenty of pubs like this all over London up until the late 90s, but you have to venture into the hinterland of south east London now to find them. It was a little too rough around the edges for us to warm to, but we are also aware the Kensington Park is a rather rare beast now; we just wonder how long before it becomes another gastropub.
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26 Aug 2012
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Quite an experience. Geezers blocking the doors while smoking as if they are bouncers, nothing other than lagers for sale and a floor that seemed to consist of a mixture of soil and rubble.
But I really shouldn't be too snobbish about a pub that serves its local community and hasn't sold its soul. It just isn't somewhere I could comfortably take the missus.

The Strange Torpor.
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07 Jun 2011
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This pub is a little run down and basic, but it is in no way rough. I have been in here scores of times and never once witnessed a hint of trouble, and the bar is clean, although utilitarian.

This is basically the last old-type working class pub in the area, and the prices reflect that: a pint (and a well kept one at that), is around 40-60p cheaper in here than in other nearby pubs. Also serves a real ale (London Pride), which is a bonus.

Yes, there are a few screens for showing football and many of the customers are men in their 40-60s, but this pub is actually quite friendly - don't be put off by the run down appearance and the locals standing in the doorway smoking.

A quick glance at the customers sitting outside on a typical Spring Saturday afternoon - white, black, young and old - shows this is a really mixed, community pub.

Give it your custom before it goes the way of all the other pubs in Notting Hill & Ladbroke Grove and becomes bland and soulless, a dull playground for rich, pretty (but boring) young things.

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139 Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill, London, W10 6HJ
020 7727 5876
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