King Charles I, King's Cross

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
A compact, one-roomed affair, this pub even manages to shoehorn in a bar billiards table into the clutter of nicknacks on display. This does provide a pleasing independent air to proceedings, with a decent range of beers on offer - a selection from the tiny Sweet William Brewery in Leyton are usually on, along with a few decent bottled ciders and Belgian beers. Mix all that up and you have an atmosphere conducive to settling in for a couple of hours. As it's situated on a side-street off the King's Cross end of Caledonian Road, it's perhaps more convivial than you might expect, and it's a pleasant discovery should you (for some reason) be wandering round the back streets of King's Cross. If you're peckish you can still order your lunch at the cafe over the road and they'll bring it across to you and in the evenings they've got menus for local takeaways, too. It's that sort of pub. Oh, and it seems to be vying for the award for smallest men's bog in London, too - don't go in with a friend.
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17 Mar 2016
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Great friendly local pub with good beer. One of the last remaining non-chain pubs in the area and so much loved by the regulars that they recently bought out the lease to protect it from developers.
Well worth a visit if your in the area and value a good old fashioned boozer.
No food, but menus on tables allow you to order from nearby restaurants for delivery to your pub table. Nice touch!
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05 Aug 2015
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Having heard this pub has recently been bought out as a community buyout, by a group of the locals, I thought I'd give it another try. Great pub, well done all for keeping it in going.
Highly recommend as a charming local and honest boozer.
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14 Sep 2014
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Popped in here last night. Lovely quirky pub, friendly barman, tasty beer. A proper pub rather than the pretentious bars at King's Place where we'd just come from. Will definitely return when in the area.
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06 Jul 2013
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My wife, 3 week old baby daughter and I went to their festival today. Barman saw us come in and settle at an empty table. I went to the bar to order some drinks and barbecue food. My wife took a scarf out of her bag so she could breastfeed our daughter discreetly in the corner. At that point the barman told her indiscreetly from across the room 'Do you think that's appropriate?'. He then told me that they have a no children policy and told us to leave.
We're new parents and I enjoy real ale. I really hope that this old pub can ditch its old fashioned attitude towards women.
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13 Apr 2013
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Five of us met here before going to a restaurant. We had some excellent beer in a crowded but polite and friendly atmosphere. I was drawn here by the promise of some rather special Porter brewed in Leyton. The Porter was tantalisingly advertised at the bar, but alas they did not have either of the two I wanted to try.
We returned here after the restaurant and we had a lovely drink in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. We all agreed that it is a delightful pub and that we had all thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
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12 Dec 2012
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I was thrown out a couple of weeks ago by the barmaid for being sarcastic about the terrible condition of the poorly kept ale. She insulted me for a few minutes ("loser", "pathetic" etc etc) and when I didn't bite to the provocation, threw me out anyway. I used to go here all the time, but the service and beer quality mean I go to the Queen's Head on the other side of King's Cross instead. Real shame.
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29 Nov 2012
Rating 1 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Further to an earlier review which referred to not being served part-way through the evening for allegedly offending the barmaid, my friends and I had the very same experience in this pub. We'd been enjoying ourselves up until this point and had had 2 drinks each; none of us was drunk or disagreeable (it was about 8pm on a week night). The friend who was refused service had apparently 'patronised' the barman (who said he was also landlord) and so none of us was to be served another drink. The landlord refused point blank to explain what was said that offended him (even though I asked in a measured, polite and reasonable manner, quite ready to apologise for any genuine, though unintended, slight on the part of my friend whose Chinese accent is not always easy to understand). He said he was the landlord and he didn't have to give a reason, which is true, but utterly unjust in a situation such as this. He was rude and unreasonable and his manner aggressive. I would never set foot in this pub again for this reason.
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02 Apr 2012
Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
All I can say is what a shame. I visited this pub for the first time last Friday with a friend for an after work catch up pint or two. While I was waiting for said mate to arrive I noticed the cool 80's tunes and the fact that the IPA was well kept and served by a friendly bar man. I noticed the friendly locals and the laid back vibe of the place generally. Excellent I thought and began to think that this could become a regular haunt located as it is mid way between where I have to go and where my mate has to go.
Anyway, about 3 pints into the evening my friend comes back from the bar saying how he'd been refused service. I don't know exactly what was said at the bar but certainly trust my friend when he told me how he simply hadn't been able to hear what the bar maid had said. I should point out that the bar maid is actually the manager. Anyway, he came back to the table so I went to the bar and ordered two pints of their excellent IPA. I brought the beers back to our table and we carried on chatting. About a 1/3 of the way through these pints the manager storms over to our table and without a word picks them up and walks off. I'm not making this up. I protested that neither of us had been thrown out and we weren't causing any trouble and to the contrary we had been having a pleasant evening except for an apparent misunderstanding with my friend earlier. Manager-barmaid wasn't having any of this which I found, well quite odd really and now, after reflecting on the whole incident I can only summise that she was on drugs.
I say this quite seriously as I just can't think of any other reason for such inappropriate, unecessary and unprovoked behaviour.
If it wasn't for the weirdo manager-barmaid I would have given this a 7.5
I just read some of the other reviews here and seems that there is a theme....
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16 Dec 2011
Rating 0 - Click for an explanation of our ratings

We were in this pub last night. The music went on and it was very, very loud, and through perhaps the worst pair of old speakers in London. We asked (politely) three times to have the volume reduced but instead they turned it up and then accused us of being rude to them by not being obsequious when we asked them to turn it down. Needless to say, we left and we wont be going back, and we will post similar reviews in other places. It's a shame as this pub has wonderful beer and in many respects is a great place. It's just such a shame that a place can be let down that badly by one member of staff - the barmaid. We asked the barman if he could turn it down and he said he'd been asked to do so by lots of people but he couldnt do it as it 'was out of his control'. If you want very loud, bad music and very rude staff, this is the place for you. Otherwise, go somewhere where they give you some respect.
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08 Dec 2011
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Horrible girl behind the bar. We were talking at normal levels (had only had one drink) when she told us we were giving her a head ache. So we left. Avoid this pub.
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12 Nov 2011
Rating 0 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
awful beer, horrible staff
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02 Nov 2011
Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Great pub, great beer but what an absolute misery behind the bar! The young heavily-tattooed girl ruined our evening, she didn't smile once or say thank you. This has put us off going there again and we're sticking to The Castle up the road. People like that shouldn't work with the public if they so obviously don't like people.
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12 Sep 2011
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
This pub is a jewel, if you come the first thursday of the month, they have this band the Phil Grispo Ochestra playing, very Gypsie, very Bouncy! With a pint of Ale thats what i call a perfect night out!
Plus they have a juke box and a great variety of Ale that they tend to change every chance they get!
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29 Aug 2011
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
King Charles the 1st is one surprising Pub! With a good selection of Ale, that changes most the time, for the adventure of trying new things.
Nice and cosy, tucked away in a little road, not far from the station (5 minutes walk), the decoration is very ethlectic and surprising, the bar staff warm and friendly, and the people in there are very electric and always up for a good laugh ... made a few friends myself! Highly recommended for anyone thats looking for a nice time without any troubles!!
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13 Jun 2011
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
We stumbled upon the King Charles I when my husband and I were passing through North London last week.
As soon as we entered the door there was a feeling of the good olde english pub warmth, the two young ladies serving were obviously extremely busy but attended to everybodys needs without a sign of insincerity. I was aware that it was not only my husband and I were strangers to this establishment, however for our part the atmosphere made us feel like we had no right to feel alien there.
It is quite a small set up however, but what a warm set up that it was. I do agree that the ladies toilet was a little small but its odour was very clean, as was the toilet area. I would exchange that lack of room for any franchised establishments where the toilet standards are more than a little off the mark!
We enquired if food was served there and we were told that they didnt have the facilities to cater although they had set up an arrangement with a variety of restaurants around the area of mixed cuisine and they pretty much serve you the food you may have ordered if they had the catering room, it would be just as fresh and hot, and as far as i could see there would be far more variety than in most places, ie. authentic thai, italian, greek, etc, etc. Also you could take your own food there, which is probably why they seemed to have quite a lot of office workers there at the time, who didnt want to spend half of their lunch hour queing in the local tescos for a sandwich.
I instantly felt i wanted to turn around and go back inside when we had to leave, we had such a warming experience there, and my huband didnt want to leave as he had grown quite partial to the real ales that they had to offer.
Lovely people, lovely staff, lovely atmosphere and i couldnt see a pickled egg in sight, which was a shame as i am quite partial. Maybe they had sold out i guess.
Would I go out of my way to visit the King Charles when i next visit London.............yes i would in a breath, and look forward to it.

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30 Jan 2010
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had a thoroughly enjoyable evening here recently.

drank far too much for a school night and the guy behind the bar dealt with a fair number of punters pretty well considering he was entirely by himself. very genial throughout, right up until 11.01pm.

at which point he turned into a very sour individual. my mistake was not to be listening when last orders were called (a common error) and to try to order another round. this was met with savage sarcasm and a very curt demand for one of my group to clear his tab pronto.

i'm not exaggerating about the time, there is a very big clock in the bar.

needless to say i won't be going back. shame really.
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11 Jun 2008
Not rated yet! - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Ah wouldn't rate it or go back....Not great atmosphere, bit dark and dingy unless you like that. Beer selection normal for small pub I guess

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