Lakeside Bar, Thamesmead

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Southmere Lake, on which this pub is situated, was completed in 1971 as part of the GLC's development of Thamesmead as a new riverside town. According to a plaque inside the pub, Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited the Lakeside Centre in 1980 (Prince Philip's comments are sadly unrecorded). Approaching the place on a dull Sunday afternoon, we were first met by the sounds of Sinatra wafting across the lake. At the door, a forthcoming 'Charity Fight Night' and regular karaoke sessions were advertised. Inside, the pub has the community atmosphere you'd expect in a location like this: everyone literally seemed to know each other. There are no real ales on offer here but Slush Puppies are available behind the bar (a first in this reviewer's experience). Free crisps and cheese snacks were put out for punters too - always a nice touch. Benches on the outdoor terrace offer a distinctive view of grey tower blocks, swaying trees and sleeping swans on the lake. A heavily graffitied outside wall lists diverse dedications to West Ham, Bad Religion and Cork City F.C., among many others. The Lakeside clearly does a job for locals in an area starved of drinking venues. However, unless you're intrigued by Thamesmead's architecture or its dour demeanour, you're unlikely to seek this place out.
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17 Jun 2011
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I've visited the Lakeside Bar twice in the past couple of months. The first out of curiosity and the second because I wanted to take my friends. I won't harp on about the architecture although I do find it fascinating, but what I will say is that you can get a large bottle of Stella for 3 quid and the staff and indeed locals are really friendly. In fact, we were invited back for a barbecue the week after! There are other pubs around the area and although they tend to get a slating they are just as friendly and welcoming. However the Lakeside is a favourite because of the greenery and the lake - when you sit outside you are sitting practically on the lake which is relaxing. Of course there are the towerblocks directly opposite but don't let that put you off what is otherwise a pleasant drinking experience.

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Southmere Lake Complex 2 Belvedere Road, Thamesmead, London, SE2 9AN
020 8311 0780

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