Lamb, Gray's Inn Road

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Lamb is a genial old boozer with lots of Victorian charm - and that's just the locals. The beer's good (Young's, plus guests), the food's pretty basic, it's got some quaint Victorian fixtures and fittings, without it being too olde worlde - it gets the balance just right. The clientele are the genial pub-going type and even the drunks are polite and apologetic, they seem to operate a shift system just to make sure there's always one in. The Lamb is in an easy-to-get-to location, but it's just far enough away from the tourist trails to deter all but the determined and appreciative. Oh, and there's an upstairs function room if you need that kind of thing.
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03 Jun 2013
Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Worth visiting
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30 Apr 2012
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This pub was listed in the pub-book I borrowed from my inlaws, and it was listed as a 5 pinter in my app version of Fancyapint. Since it was a short walk away from my hotel I thought I would try it out and see for myself. I came in a little past 3 pm on a Monday, so the pub was not packed, but there was a small group of locals in one corner and another couple of tourists in another. The staff seems to have taken a service course since the last reviews and in my opinion this brings the rating up a notch together with some good ales. They had two guest ales in from a couple of micro breweries in London. They were both really good. I tried the onion and potato soup, and it was really good and steaming hot. The only letdown was the bread that came with, which was dry and boring. But all in all a very good pub that gives the feeling of a proper London pub.
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05 Mar 2012
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I don't understand why this wonderful grade II listed gem is not rated higher. I have taken 14 trips to London since Feb 2000 and this pub is our absolute favorite. This year I did notice a big improvement in service and the employee quality. The manager has done a bang up job f bringing in good people. On our most recent trip we enjoyed making friends with Ellie and Alex, two of the nicest people we have met in England. The other guys who work behind the bar are great too. Leigh is making sure the quality of the ale is tops and frankly the Young's tasted as good as it has since back in the day. Those of you who posted negative reviews and have not been in some time please go back, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I have to be right and not totally biased mates, the Lamb is now back in the Good Beer guide. How I wish I was there now.
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29 Oct 2011
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After several days of travel and a few days stop in Munich for Oktoberfest, I was eagerly looking forward to arriving back in London and having a really great pint of cider. Given the nature of my German adventures, cider had been scarce, and I needed to refresh my palette. I had also made friends in German who had not yet had the fortune to frequent any London pubs, and when they suggested grabbing a pint, I was glad to jump on the bandwagon. They recommended the hotel pub. I nayed in favor of a real pub, the kind you sink into and which is warm and surrounding and NOT tourist. I mean a real local spot.

So I hit google in the lobby, and the Lamb was within walking distance and seemed a fair shot at getting a true pub experience. It was a nice quiet walk from Russell Square over, and the pub itself was ideal for both getting my cider quota met, and exposing my new friends to the good life.

We were at The Lamb late on a Saturday night, but thankfully the pub was not packed. We were able to get ciders right away, grab a table, and sit down for a bit of relaxation and people-watching. There were locals and tourists, young and old, friendly and solemn all within eye-shot, and the servers were great at handling everyone. It was not too quiet, nor too loud, and we were able to hop on their wifi and check email after a long bus ride from the continent.

All around, I'm glad I (randomly) chose The Lamb, because at one point, my friend turned to me and said, 'I know we've only been in here two minutes, but I LOVE English pubs.' The Lamb is an excellent example of the Pub Done Right.
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05 Jul 2011
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This used to be a really great pub, but is seriously in need of a refurb. Still has an OK selection of drinks, food is not that great, seems pretty much like standard Youngs/Greene King fare, pretty dried out and not that great. Strange mix of clientele - from tourists to real ale afficienados.
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11 Jan 2011
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I'd say this place needs a drastic re-reviewing. Look of the place remains but they are doing their best to spoil it with those crappy chalkboard signs all over the place. The beer was awful when I was in - we went along the taps trying to find something that wasn't stale and flat, to no avail. Service / friendliness was ... neutral at best. Clientele ranged from lurching, farting Camra types to confused tourists, who'd obviously looked the place up in their guidebooks and were wondering what all the fuss was about as they tucked into their stodgy pie and frozen veg. Deserves to have two pints knocked off the rating.
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14 Aug 2010
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Went in here in June and can only say it was awful!

Two guest beers with tadpoles floating in them - dreadful dried out fish and chips and ribs that were presented in lake of sauce with nothing else.

So, someone is managing to run one of the capital's jewel pubs into the ground.

The only decent beer I had was a pint of Special and if that was off in a Young's pub I'd say it was the end of the world.

If this is a five pint pub I'm the Pope.
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23 Jun 2010
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I agree with the previous comments, we popped in as we had a booking at a nearby restaurant, it took so long to get served by the staff who stayed at the far end of the bar and refused to acknowledge us that we had to leave our drinks. We will be voting with our feet in the future. Its such a shame because this used to be a nice pub.
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19 Mar 2010
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Went in here a couple of weeks back, on a Wednesday evening about 18:30 with 4 friends for a quick drink straight after work. Although only half-full, after 10 minutes we had still failed to "attract the attention" of either person behind the bar - after being ignored for the umpteenth time in favour of someone coming straight in off the street, we left.

What a complete and utter waste of time - who knows what the beer is like - the utterly rubbish service put paid to finding out....
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30 Jan 2010
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Had a bit of an odd experience in here recently.

Trekked there in the pouring rain from King's Cross on the recommendation of this site.

The place was busy but jovial so we were please to bag a table. Half an hour later (while we were looking through the menu), a staff member dropped a 'reserved' sign on all the tables near us. she moved with such speed that neither me or somebody sitting opposite had chance to query it. A minute or so later she shot past again, announced 'tables reserved' in a very odd dialect and vanished again.

This was at 8pm. not a time you suddenly decide to evict people sat at a table. needless to say we ditched the menu and left swiftly. never to return.

Careless, ignorant staff costing a nice boozer business.

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94 Lamb's Conduit Street, Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1N 3LZ
020 7405 0713

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