London Stone, Cannon Street

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More tomfoolery from the Eerie pub chain. Gargoyles, cocktails in test tubes and other assorted horror ephemera, add up to a pub not far off a novelty bar at a holiday camp. You can imagine these sorts of pubs winning over wet-eared freshers in a University town, but this one manages to do a fair trade in the City of London. Perhaps more bizarrely, it's actually named for the London Stone, which is set into the front of the Sportec sports shop just two doors away. This fragment of stone (hidden behind an ornate grill but visible from the street) is thought to go back to at least Roman times, perhaps farther, as a marker or possibly part of an ancient stone circle. Legend has it that if it ever leaves London, the city will fall. That still doesn't explain how this pub got here and, while it hypes up the horror, it's the sort of place no self-respecting Goth would be seen dead in. If fancy dress pubs are your thing, by all means check it out. Though in content, clientele and attitude it matches perfectly its location - the basement of an All Bar One. If not, go see the real thing two doors down. And a word of warning, do not touch the food! The "soup of the day", proudly displayed on the chalkboard to be "tomato and basil" was actually Heinz cream of tomato, heated so hot it burnt the lips.
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16 Nov 2011
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Bit of a dive of a pub. One minute it can be packed out and the next minute quiet as a doormouse, mainly because its where city people with a bit of time to spare go to before their train departs. Music is often played too loud, so much so you cannot hear yourself speak. After 10pm on a Friday you have to pay to stay and you are told by a big bouncer to pay to stay. After 10pm the entertaiment is only a DJ playing rubbish music you probably have never heard of. It is open until about 3am though.
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17 Feb 2011
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The London Stone; like Bunhill Fields, St Pancras Old Church and Wapping Stairs is part of the "unknown" London that actually, if you had a time machine, could show you the most interesting snippets for many hundreds of years...That adds up to mystery.

This "pub"? well, as a libertarian, I say, if it attracts custom, who am I to criticise? But as a lover of the greatest city on Earth I say....nobody will weep your passing.
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26 Sep 2008
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Amusingly, considering the comment that no self-respecting Goth would be seen dead here, the Stone now has a monthly alternative night, courtesy of the lovely men at New Wave/goth/dark 80s club Electric Dreams... but that's neither here nor there.

Eerie pubs are fun as long as you retain a sense of humour about the whole affair... who doesn't love blood-curdling screams played on a loop in the toilets, which are hidden behind 'secret doors' disguised as bookcases? Oh come on, you know you do. It's silly, it's campy, and it's jolly good fun... and at the weekend it's even entirely empty of annoying, lairy City Boys!

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109 Cannon Street, Cannon Street, London, EC4N 5AD
020 7626 8246
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