Lord Stanley, Camden

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Coming from the people who made the Lansdowne in Primrose Hill the dreadful place it is, hopes weren't high for the Lord Stanley. As such, perhaps our positive rating reflects a sigh of relief as much as anything else. Sure, its stripped out, but they had sense to keep most of what was left behind by the Victorians and Edwardians, so an impressive ceiling, wood panelling and fireplaces are still here to appreciate. Its a shame however the original bar appears to have been mucked about with, apparently to facilitate an open kitchen. It seems they wanted it so badly, aesthetic shortcomings have been ignored. Still, its the clientele who distinguish the Lord Stanley from its older sister. Perhaps because the area isn't as fashionable as Primrose Hill, there's a distinct lack of wannabe fashionistas wearing oversized sunglasses at night. Instead, there's a good mix of locals simply relaxing, with a few eccentrics and geezers for good measure. Here's hoping that doesn't change.
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04 May 2010
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Are you an arrogant, supercilious sad case who visits pubs in order to rate other people's fashion sense rather than a having good time with your mates? Then I suggest you stay home and take a long hard look at yourself before judging others.

If on the other hand, like me, you look for friendly staff, consistently good food, a great atmosphere, a beer garden, a BBQ in the summer, a great Sunday roast, a fantastic Bloody Mary, breakfast at the weekend and friendly locals at the bar then I suggest you try The Lord Stanley. Just watch out for the Gok Wan wannabe moaning to himself in the corner.
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25 Jul 2009
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Do you manage to wear your fashionable hat all the time despite having your head firmly lodged up your own arse? Do you like to go to the pub so you can shout loudly about your own poorly-formed opinions in an horrendous, braying voice? Are you happy to pay £13 for a small portion of crap food just because it was prepared in an open kitchen? Are you happy to wait 20 minutes to be served while the barman chats to his fashionably-trousered friends? Then this is the place for you! Rubbish, horrific, contemptible wankhole of the highest order.
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05 Jun 2008
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This is by far the nicest pub in the Camden Road/York Way area.

The food is not cheap - and the menu often suffers from the usual gastropub superiority complex - but it's extremely recommended. They do seem to get orders wrong quite often when busy, so patience is advised.

The staff are very friendly - but because of the round bar, you really need to stand in front of them, or you'll never get served.

I disagree totally about the 'lack of wannabe fashionistas'. This is not a good pub to go to if you're Charlie Brooker..

Overall, I would give it four rubbish bowl-haircuts out of five.

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51 Camden Park Road, Camden, London, NW1 9BH
020 7284 3266
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