The Maynard, Crouch End

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Greene King didn't learn many lessons from the second generation of pub renovations (such as those done by M&B) and when the Maynard was refurbished, the 'Arms' was dropped and it became a cavernous, bland place to drink. Having recently taken ownership of the Real Pubs chain however, Greene King are making this one part of their new acquired brand. In came the 'Arms' again, and like the others in the chain is decorated in with moody lighting, exposed brickwork and the predictable virtually empty dining section. Indeed, eating here isn’t exactly cheap. Unlike normal Green Kings pubs, there is an above average selection of ales, usually including some local brews from small brewers. As such, the rating has improved accordingly on all fronts and it fares pretty well against the other similar competitors in Crouch End.
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16 Jan 2013
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Following a buoyant festive period this pub embarks on the new year with its commitment to presenting a wide and variable selection of real ales unchanged.Just today,I was pleasantly surprised to find an old favourite of mine,Wadsworth 6X,racked up and drinking superbly.
In its newest incarnation,this establishment has outstripped every other real ale establishment in Crouch End,if not North london as a whole.
Featuring a truly impressive and ever-changing array of beers from mostly london area breweries - but also showcasing the best of the legendary Dark Star operation - this genuine community boozer has established itself as the go-to place for a good beer in North London.
The place is kiddie friendly without a hint of the desperate,laissez faire,approach to these things that can disfigure establishments which get the balance wrong.
Running a pub this busy,and appealing to a diverse usership,calls for sensitive and businesslike management.
What can be found here is not only a guvnor dedicated to servicing the needs of a 'good beer'demanding clientele,but one who has seen fit to recruit a knowledgable and helpful team of staff to execute the vision.
In short,a remarkable manager has enabled a triumphant version of inn-keeping to spring into being,revealing to a grateful usership a glimpse of how these thing should be done.
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12 Jun 2012
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This pub has,in a relatively short period of time,become the go-to establishment for cask conditioned beers in Crouch End.Easter saw(another) beer festival,featuring an impressive lineup of offerings from smaller,independent brewers.And it is this policy of promoting the newer,less well known breweries,which gives the place its edge.The rear garden is already heavily patronised and an area in front has been reclaimed for sidewalk supping.Definitely worth s visit.
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06 Mar 2012
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In the last 3 months there's been a beer festival and a renewed committment to providing ales that are from from run-of-the-mill.
Dark Star continues to feature - its full range being explored inc.the wonderful Original.
But currently,the new(ish) brewer Windsor and Eton is getting a run and that's where it really gets interesting.
The quite extraordinary Conqueror Dark IPA is now available,and this one is in a class of its own - sui generis,you might say.
Dark IPA ? Try it and be persuaded.The Maynard is definitely one to watch.
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02 Dec 2011
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Now featuring a permanent array of 4 real ales (but not the usual suspects).Prominent are offerings from Nethergate and Sambrook of Wandsworth.The guvnor believes that local ales should be represented.All in all the signs are good.And if you like your music 'audible' you won't be disappointed.

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70 Park Road, Crouch End, London, N8 8SX
020 8341 6283
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Monday - Sunday 11am -11pm
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