McGowan's, Cricklewood

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
There are always some pubs that make you wonder 'what is the point?' and while this isn't a place to induce existential despair (there's a place across the road that looks better suited to that) it's as good a place as any to contemplate the protracted demise of the old-school boozer. This place has been given a rather generic, city centre wine bar-lite makeover at precisely the wrong time. We'd visited the place right before it closed down for this refurbishment (hence no review until now) and while it was a bit shabby (in the fashion of a student bar) it was okay. Really, the owners would probably have been better tidying the place up rather than trying to give it this rather futile makeover. We don't want squalor (much), but trying to turn a pub into something it is not doesn't really benefit anyone. It's now clean and airy, all blonde wood - several years after that sort of thing was bang in fashion. It all seems like something of an imposition designed to appeal to the sort of people who won't go to a pub like this. It's an Irish pub and there's a fair reflection of that in the staff and clientele; though the atmosphere is a little subdued. Admittedly it was only early evening, but perhaps they too were trying to work out what it's all about.
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09 Jun 2009
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Hmmm, poor review of a nice little pub. Small and perfectly formed, with a tiny terrace and a couple of TVs.

I quite like the blonde wood (maybe I'm a little out of date too), and I've never been there when it's been subdued. The management are English and larger than life.

The regulars are loud and lovable and ALWAYS up for a game of pool.

I've been in there when lots of men in suits are drinking wine (and ended up playing pool with the regulars after a bottle or two!)

And the Marketing Director for the McGowan's group was in the other telling me that she's started making moves towards introducing food to the whole group, so things are on the up and up.

Before the refurb, the clientèle were on the down and out alcoholics and toothless mad men... Give me blonde wood and suits ANY day!!

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26-28 Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood, London, NW2 1HB
020 8452 0608
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