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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
We recently noted that the Mitre - a great looking old-fashioned historical pub - was beginning to look a bit tired. Well, it seems we weren't the only ones who thought this and there's now been a much needed sprucing up. Despite one of the internal dividing walls being removed (presumably to 'open the space up', but we still question the rationale) they've generally accentuated the nice original wooden features without going down the accepted route of relentlessly targeting an upmarket demographic. There a reasonable menu on offer, provided later into the evening than before, but prices remain pleasantly pub-like. Three ales on tap - two of which were unusual guest ales - give it another thumbs up from us, as does the improved outside area. Sadly all this work has meant an exodus of customers. We know lots of people came here to sit - blank eyed - at the football and now the screens have been removed, it seems a lot of the regulars have found other places to go. This is still a good pub and we hope it receives the custom it deserves.
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03 Jan 2012
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It took a while for me to reply because I did not see the review - it appeared originally on another website and I replied in full to that. In summary, members of the first party threatened me in the garden and the dog was put behind the bar for our protection. The dog stepped in by barking at one of the party who tried to get behind the bar to assault me when I refused to serve them because they threatened me. The dog is a trained protection dog and was fully under control and behind the bar throughout. Fortunately, we very rarely get that sort of thing here. We are a very popular pub and that's not because we are not nice to people. But if someone is abusive to me, the staff or any of our customers then they will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back. Gary
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01 Jan 2012
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You say you dealt personally with the people who made those last two posts including the one's who said you threatened to set your dog on them but you say their version isn't the correct version of events but that they are now all barred for being abusive.

I think we'd all be interested to hear what your side of events was pls and also why it took almost a year and a half for your response to the first family group.

Concerned Barnet resident!
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30 Dec 2011
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If you like older style historic settings and a wide selection of real ales kept properly, this is probably your best bet in Barnet. Right opposite the historic Barnet Church so don't expect easy parking although there is Barnet's most expensive carpark in a side road that runs behind the pub, parallel to the High St. And it's not too far a walk up the hill from High Barnet tube. At least the return trip is downhill! Adnams bitter and Landlord are the 'house' ales, plus 3 guest ales Mon-Thu and 4 guests at the weekend from a list of about 20. There's even a poster of 'tasting notes' to help! Yes it is a real 'gas' fire in the cosy back room, but that's fine. The owners have worked hard on expanding the appeal of this place with the ubiquitous smokers' den in the back yard and added space in the 'stables' (this pub claims to be the oldest coaching inn left in Barnet, and there's been a licenced premises here since 1553 apparently). There is Sky Sports in the evening (needs must, I suppose) as well as a gourmet sausage menu. Some of the past reviews about arguments, and possible friction with Nimby neighbours, may be surmised from notices that restrict loud groups of people from going out back for a smoke late at night (the pub lies cheek by jowl with flats and houses), and asking people to respect the 'family' atmosphere and keep the language clean. All in all this is my kind of place for a quietly lost lunchtime (and afternoon if I could get away with it!) or for a good evening session on the beers. Note, like the Monken Holt up the road, they open at 12 not 11.
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04 Jun 2011
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Hi folks, I'm the landlord and I dealt personally with the people who posted the last couple of reviews. The events were not quite as they have described, both lots of people have been barred from the pub because they were abusive. We have lots of excellent reviews on this and other websites, commenting in particular how friendly the pub is. We have a huge regular following and we have been awarded Pub of the Year for Barnet and Enfield for the past two years.
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21 Jan 2011
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Nasty Scottish manager in tonight, a real glimpse of the INHOSPITABLE old days when it came to leaving time and the necessary trip to the men's room. If a stranger spoke to me like that in the street it would be beyond rude. Having been in Barnet for a year now I was beginning to feel welcome in this pub, and have been inviting my Ale-drinking friends to journey north to it, but after that talking to, by a surly, bitter, aggressive little scotsman but minutes after 20 past, I will never invite my guests here again. AND there is no sign above the door to indicate who the licensee is, so I am struggling to complain to the owner.

PS. Those aren't log fires, they're gas - you can tell by the blue flames.
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08 Feb 2010
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I went here for my mother in laws birthday on Saturday evening and was having a lovely time that was until the owner set his dog on me and 10 or more members of my family!!!!! Having walked in around 9pm the owner who was training a new girl asked to see some ID from a few of us, this not being a problem as we were all of the correct age showed him however one member of our party had forgot his.... we arranged to collect his passport and bring it down, this was done and shown to all the girls behind the bar and we carried on drinking for 3 or more hours. After 3 or so hours and quite a few drinks down us and a lot of money spent the owner appears from no where and declares in front of the whole pub to see ID even though it had all already been checked, he was rude and embarrassed a number of us.... we showed him again and with some playful banter said that 'we looked older then all his bar staff' to wish he replied 'you don't like it there's the door' we found this very rude as we had been there for a good while and spent allot of money!!! My father in law then spoke with him and said that there was no need to embarrass the family by asking AGAIN for ID and as we had been there for a number of hours lining his pockets should not be so rude to PAYING CUSTOMERS to which he went up stairs and brought his dog down and and was encouraging the dog to attack and bark at us. This then completely ruined a perfectly nice evening, I would not recommend this pub to any one! I feel sorry for the dog being used to warn customers off, the pub was packed and allot of the other customers not from our party were looking very concerned and scared as the owner threatened to set his dog on us! I have reported this incident to the RSPCA as feel that the way he treated his dog on that particular evening was completely unnecessary and goes to show he is obviously using as a weapon!!! I would encourage any one of thinking of going to this pub to not go unless of course you like to be spoken to rudely and have a dog set on you!!!!!
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17 Dec 2009
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This pub has a new and enthusiastic manager who has completey revitalised it. Many real ales and real cider are served. No TVs in main pub area but the stable room at the back has been converted as a TV room.

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58 High Street, Barnet, London, EN5 5SJ
020 8449 6582

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