Monarch, City Road

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Welcome to the bit of Hoxton where the haircut and hat brigade fear to tread, even for ironic purposes. Amongst the ugly council blocks (and the occasional equally ugly luxury development) this is a brutal looking block of a pub. Inside, it's a large one roomed affair, with a pool table at the back and enough bright lights to put Blackpool illuminations to shame. Apart from two lone men at the bar, we were the only people in the pub; it is probably the most depressing drinking experience we've ever had - a pub taking a few final gasps before it dies. Over the road the chip shop was doing a brisk trade, with numerous kids hanging around outside, throwing bottles, while the off licence was also popular. Clearly, the Monarch is a reminder of a fading way of life. We understand that way back, when Britain had a manufacturing industry, this place would buzz with local workers. Now, sadly, even the local residents aren't interested. The nearby Beehive - granted, a more attractive pub - is still busy enough, but clearly there are too many pubs in this area, as going to the pub in London continues to be whittled down to either an afterwork pursuit or a middle class lifestyle choice. Pubs like The Monarch play no part in this future.
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08 Nov 2011
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Fun time pub

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2 Cropley Street, City Road, London, N1 7PT
020 7608 3689

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