Monument, Cannon Street

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Standing in the shadow of Wren's great edifice, the Monument pub didn't have to think long about a suitable name. While the sharing of nomenclature with such a famous landmark might be expected to entice in the regular stream of camera-wielding tourists, the clientele is made up almost exclusively of City workers. Unlike some Square Mile watering holes, however, this one tends to attract a reasonably down-to-earth type of suit and - at least earlier in the week - doesn't get uncomfortably rammed. The usual Greene King range is available (Old Speckled Hen, Abbot, IPA) as well as the odd guest, and though not as cheap as the nearby "Britannia" we have paid more for a pint round here. There is plentiful seating, and while the pub is no great shakes either architecturally or in terms of design, it has an airy - yet cosy - feel (though it may have been the torrential rain against the windows on our visit which afforded it a certain interior warmth). The service is not the promptest, and we can imagine this could be a pain were the pub busier, but it's not a bad place for a pint or two if nearby.
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25 Aug 2011
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I should have known it was going to be one of those nights when one of the bar staff took the order of the person standing directly behind me first, then three minutes later, asked me if I had been served.
Over-priced drinks, under-attentive staff, an establishment without a shred of character, and no sign of a friendly welcome. A perfect metaphor for London in 2011. We won’t be back.
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25 Aug 2011
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I suppose I have to prefix this with the fact that we went there on a particularly busy night, when taking part in a treasure hunt round the city. However, there is no excuse for abusive bar staff. While there were plenty of bodies behind the bar, there was a distinct lack of competence and an overabundence of attitude. They didn't want to be there, and were taking it out on the customers. The people in front of me got an earful for not hearing how much the round was and not giving enough money ("What part of that don't you understand???"). I tried ordering food, had to ask for an order receipt, and then found that the order was taken incorrectly and had to fight to get a refund on the difference. I don't know what the food was like, as we cancelled the order after waiting over an hour and being told it was going to be started on shortly (one person in the kitchen for a pub of this size is insane). The range of drinks is good, but you need to step away from the bar when it is being delivered, as you are likely to end up wearing at least some of it! I used to work near here, and it has never been a good pub for service, but it has got worse with time, and I would recommend giving it a miss. Life's too short.

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18 Fish Street Hill, Cannon Street, London, EC3R 6DB
020 7929 5880

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