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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Like the Scots, Nordic people know about having fun when the weather is against you. If you had a problem with cold, dark nights, you'd never leave the house past lunchtime. The way to survive a long, cold winter is largely to eat lots and have a few drinks. Or vice versa. The Danes have a concept: hygge. To be fair they pinched it from the Norwegians, but it's so fabulous they had to. There's no literal translation in English, but it equates to a sense of cosiness, warmth, cheeriness. Get your friends round, turn down the lights, get comfy and lay on lots of food and drink. Raise your glasses and find that all is right with the world. And Nordic is a great place to do this. With a wide range of beers, including the mighty Red Erik, a 6.5 proof fruit beer, ciders and god love them, even Tuborg, you won't be stuck for ideas. Great food is on offer, and it tends to be comfort food with a definite Nordic bent (yes, they do have a smorgasbord) and it's fabulous value for money. Lots of cocktails too. It's half bar, half chalet, with lovely dark wooden tables and a squishy sofa to slouch into. There's a brilliant triptych featuring Max von Sydow on the wall demonstrating how to neck your aquavit, and the staff are cheerful and competent, as you would expect. You'll quickly forget that you're a stones throw from the madness of Oxford Street, and somehow convince yourself that you are actually close to the Arctic Circle, hygging yourself stupid. Skol!
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30 Mar 2011
Not rated yet! - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Odd that this has a 4 pint rating, it feels like a high 2 pint or low three pinter to me. It's a scruffy basement bar. It's not the normal very loud, can't hold a conversation sort of basement bar so if this were it would get a good rating. Anyway, we left after one drink.

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25 Newman Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1PN
020 7631 3174

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