North Pole, Docklands

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
In response to our reviewer below - it may well be that standards have changed significantly - and whilst we can't visit every pub straight away we will make every effort to visit this one. Should anyone in the interim visit and confirm either our or "objective"'s opinion below we would be grateful! Thanks.
Quite simply, this is a top local a little off the beaten track on the Isle of Dogs in an area that's probably more than due for a massive redevelopment and expansion (fingers crossed, it won't happen anytime soon). We've known this pub for a few years now and the service is still polite, fast and friendly. It offers some fairly standard, but well-kept beers on the hand pumps - Pride, Black Sheep, etc. And everyone in the pub seems to know everyone else, but somehow they never seem to make you feel left out. An excellent preference to the unimaginative bardom in the dockside areas. Sadly, it's not open all the time - especially at weekends and, when we were in on a Saturday night, it was woefully empty. This one's definitely worth going out of your way for - go on, give it a go, you know you want to.
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01 Nov 2012
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OK - not being quick to raise doubts about a place, so we've been back three times now. But after previous, very average visits during the week, we finally popped in on a Friday night. Still, little custom, and our expectations, though low by now, were sadly let down. We were served three pints of suds - no really, each glass was opaque and bubbled in front of us. I've been served dodgy pints before, but this was bottom of the barrel. OK, so obviously needs changing, but then the most extraordinary thing, the (well experienced, regular) barmaid said she'd need to get the landlord down before pouring us replacements . . ! She went to serve someone else in the quiet bar, perhaps to give a chance to consider our options. We took the opportunity to (discretely) photograph the drinks in front of us - it was THAT extraordinary. The whole thing was friendly, she wandered off to find the landlord . . . and then didn't. Returning, she asked if we were sure we didn't want the drinks, before (eventually) wandering off again. It was 12 mins between first being served, and replacement drinks arriving, all perfectly "friendly" but extraordinary. If anyone wants to see the photos of what a REALLY bad pint can look like, I'm happy to send the images. Please FaP, pop over to the Isle of Dogs soon, take a look around the local pubs and have a go at regrading where necessary. The North Pole really needs a long, hard look.
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25 May 2009
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Still friendly & good service and food, but if you like real ale, while they do stock 4 or 5, only the Timothy Taylor Landlord gets turned around fast enough to taste good, so avoid the others - ignore at your peril!

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74 Manilla Street, Docklands, London, E14 8LG
020 7987 5443
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