Peasant, Clerkenwell

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Peasant is a grand former gin place turned upmarket gastropub languishing in the middle of Clerkenwell, surrounded by an uneasy mix of Victorian townhouses and Council Estates. Like many gastropubs, it's unsure of how to strike an even pub/restaurant balance, indicated by the wine glasses and cutlery on a scattering of ground floor tables, in addition to the upstairs restaurant. Still, its aim in life appears to err towards minimising pretension and, due to the pub's size, there's plenty of space to sit and have a well-kept pint from a good selection, whilst possibly enjoying one of the (expensive) bar snacks. There's also good wine list and for the Frasier Cranes of the world, there's a sherry selection. With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and a tastefully refurbished interior (which retains many wonderful original features), The Peasant is a more traditional and comfortable alternative to some of the nearby bars.
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01 Dec 2010
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The Peasant has always been a confusing establishment, which is a great shame because there is some serious potential there. The well-preserved bar has loads of character, but takes up almost 2/3rds of the floor meaning the punters are crammed in whilst the bar staff are drowning in space. The food is *amazing* but only really accessible at the weekends when things are quiet enough to get a seat. The crowd is mixed and lively, but poor vigilance on the part of the staff means that there's frequently a bolivian marching band in the toilets on busy evenings. They run a beer festival every autumn, but the kegs are often badly kept and in a bad way after a couple of days. Unfortunately, I could go on. Go in if its quiet and enjoy it at its best. Just don't sit near the toilets.
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17 Feb 2010
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This pub makes the best burgers I had outside of the U.S and New Zealand (at least the burgers you could get there in the 70s!)

Called the 'kiwi' burger, it consists of lamb (naturally) and a crispy bun with lashings of onions and all the trimmings. It comes with properly 'crispy' chips rather than the usual soggy damp ones (which to a kiwi matters immensely!)

As a lager drinker, I find the range of beers excellent, but I think they also cater well for the ale man or woman.

Can get crowded on a Friday night due to the range of micro offices around the area. Close enough to Shoreditch to attract the creatives, but not so close that it gets overwhelmed in pretension. Good mix of people and the staff are friendly enough too. Been there on Sat night once and it was just a nice warm vibe and not too full.

Last time I was there was Feb 2009, and it was good then.

Hope it stays that way!

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240 St John Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 4PH
020 7336 7726

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