Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill

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Being the first pub you come to when travelling to Primrose Hill from Chalk Farm means Pembroke Castle is one of the most popular pubs in the area. It's hard to see exactly why, though. The service is perennially average, if not worse, and the main bar has been stripped to within an inch of it's life. At least they finally realised that having the industrial waste bins next to the entrance in the beer garden was really not the best place for them. Clientele consists of one too many of the media types who wear oversized sunglasses at night and like particular pubs for reasons no-one else would. Saying all that, the food isn't bad and the beer garden is in a good location to people-watch. Although it could be great in the right hands, this one is no more than average and made worse by the raucous crowds. Still, look out of it if you ever watch the BBC adaptation of The Triffids.
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10 Sep 2013
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Nice little find, traditional pub, warm inviting and serves some pretty good, dropped in on Sunday evening and it was packed to the rafters, had a lovely me and off we went up to the view at primrose hill all in a very enjoyabe day
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18 Apr 2012
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I think this pub is a lovely little pub, I live and work in primrose hill and its far and away the best pub in the area - its warm inviting and it has really lovely staff.

Food and drinks are always spot on, not many consistency throughout its competitors. It does get crazy busy on a hot sunny day but if you know the guys behind the bar they'll always reserve you a seat somewhere.

I think we should be praising little independant pubs doing it right, I used top work as a barman and I know how hard it is especially when buy but these guys do it well. All round praise
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06 Mar 2011
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Think you need to visit the Pembroke Castle in Primrose Hill again, as you haven't reviewed for nearly 4 years. You'll find a bustling pub with a fair selection of beers and friendly service, but still suitable for couples requiring a private chat. Decor distinctive and warming. Worth definately more than 1 pint rating.
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04 Apr 2010
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I've never written a review for a pub before, but after the terrible experience of visiting the Pembroke Castle this Easter weekend I felt compelled. A group of us went to the pub for some lunch, and were unfortunately treated to the most arrogant, unfriendly and stuck-up staff I have ever experienced in a pub or restaurant. The prevailing attitude of the manager and his staff is that if you don't confirm to a very specific list of criteria of who they want in the pub (think Jude, Kate and Sadie et al) then the staff will go out of there way at all times to be hostile and make you feel unwelcome. The mixed group of people I was with were neither rowdy or rude to staff, but simply wanted to sit together and chat. Whether it be slightly moving a table, or grabbing a chair from elsewhere, this was treated by staff coming over to our table, telling us we wasn't aloud to do this and making us feel pariah's in the pub (at all times staff were being whispered instructions by the arrogant, rude and all round tw@t of a manager behind the bar). If you are looking for a pub to relax and enjoy friends company in, then I highly recommend that you avoid this pub.

In writing this rant I have noticed on other sites that this was far from a rare experience of the Pembroke Castle, and that the manager's attitude to punters in particular is a common cause of complaint. If you are connected to the brewery linked to this pub then I highly recommend you review these other comments.

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150 Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill, London, NW1 8JA
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