Plough, Bloomsbury

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Quite a handsome Victorian pub (particularly after a recent lick of paint) that's in an area overrun with tourists going to the British Museum. The results are what you would expect - no matter how hard the management try - and they do pretty well considering, it will always be a tourist pub. "Famous for our fish and chips" gives an indication of the market their aiming at. But that said, it's worth a pint or two if you can get into it when's its quiet. And as it's got outside seating with a little pedestrianised area, it's a good place to meet on a nice day. The beer selection's pretty good too, including Pride, Landlord and Old Speckled Hen last time we were in. It's got to be a nice little earner though - we're just jealous.
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06 Jul 2008
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I am a tourist, and I certainly was not pleased with this pub. Actually it was the service from one youngish man who tended bar and had an ax to grind obviously. While I happened upon some rude servers in London this one took the cake. They 30-ish white guy behind the bar deliberately refused to take my order passing me up in favor of others who walked up to the bar after me. This went on for about fifteen minutes no thanks to the other bar staff who seemed preoccupied with serving the people seated in the other room. Finally get this...I finally was served by none other than another bar staff member (a very nice black guy) who happened to walk in to begin his shift, otherwise, I'd still be standing there. Actually I would've walked out.

Because of the nasty attitude of this one person I DO NOT RECOMMEND The Plough unless you wish to be abused.

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27 Museum Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1A 1LH
0207 636 7964

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