Prince George, Dalston

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FAP Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
We feel that some of the pubs in the Remarkable Restaurants group go a little overboard on the dcor and food front, but the Prince George, thankfully, focuses firmly on the basics. The main bar leads away to darkened alcoves with many original furnishings still intact. The whole prospect is ideal for ale-fuelled conversation and if a modicum of exertion is needed, a neatly tucked away pool table is on hand. Food only appears to be a going concern on a Sunday, but the rest of the week you're left with the usual Remarkable Restaurants mix of Belgian beers, Czech lagers and traditional ales to work your way through - hardly a chore. Add on one of this chain's archetypal excellent jukeboxes and a popular quiz on a Monday night and it's no wonder such a wide cross section of locals stop by.
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28 Sep 2013
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have lived nearby for the last 8/9yrs. it is a nice pub, but the current staff are pretty shocking. in the surrounding area the Pembury, Cock Tavern, Wellington & Three Compasses are all far better, more welcoming places.
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18 Sep 2013
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We are close neighbours to this pub and occasionally pop in for a drink. We went there on this Sunday just past (15/09/13) and couldn't believe how badly we were treated! There was no queue at the bar and yet 3 members of staff managed to completely ignore us for 4 minutes, in spite of us being right in front of them. The two female staff were too busy having their own conversation to stop to serve us and the male member of staff just blatantly didn't seem to want to serve us. Will not be going back and will not recommend to anyone.
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28 Jul 2011
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If you want to subjected to tirades from a landlord with anger management problems and possibly issues with alcohol go to the George. If you want a pleasant evening then I’d suggest visiting one of the decent pubs in the vicinity. A truly shocking establishment.
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13 Aug 2010
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If you like being served by unfriendly fashion victims who probably read Vice magazine as if it were the bible then head on down. If you like a nice comfortable hospitable pub with beer served at the proper temperature and a tiny bit of enthusiasm from the staff then go elsewhere. I, like most people gave up on this place recently. On my Last visit I was served by some miserable old ska casualty who could barely make eye contact, let alone mumble the price of a beer. I would recommend nearby The Pembury Tavern(VERY friendly staff who know thier stuff with a great selection of ales)Or most importatnly the wonderful Duke Of Wellington on balls pond road. (for numerous reasons)The George is just horrible and in need of some decent management. (the current one seems to think its ok to glare and ignore staff. His loss.)
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09 Mar 2009
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Went here on Saturday night after having a meal with some mates. Not sure if it was just because it was a busy Saturday night but the staff really didn’t make us feel welcome. Bar staff were slow and unapologetic when getting our order wrong and the bouncer was a moody misery guts.

This place has a reputation for being one of the cool hotspots in Dalston, I can’t really see why. There were some interesting beers available but the squeezed bar and unfriendly atmosphere put me off I’m afraid. If you have had a different experience let me know.

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40 Parkholme Road, Dalston, London, E8 3AG
020 7254 6060

Quiz night - quiz night Monday


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