Princess Louise, Holborn

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Closed for most of 2007 for a big restoration job, the Princess Louise is once again one of London's destination pubs. The classic Victorian interior is still gloriously intact; indeed, it's come back with extra period additions, with partitions now running down the sides of the island bar, creating the sort of subdivided drinking spaces common to nineteenth century gin palaces. Whilst in keeping with the rest of the pub's design, the partitions however bring their own problems, with the reduction in floor space being the most obvious. Minor quibbles aside, the Princess Louise is still an enticing pub; arguably the most beautiful pub interior in London. Given this, it's also an extremely popular one so a visit out of peak hours is recommended to fully experience its wonders (including the ornate gents' toilets). Definitely give it a look though; any serious list of London's must-see pubs has this one close to the top. A last point to remember: as a pub owned by the Samuel Smith's Brewery, the Princess Louise only sells Sam's branded drinks.
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02 Jun 2013
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Beautiful decor of course. Sam Smith ale - consistent, i.e good but not exciting. Overhead lighting a little too bright for my taste.
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03 Dec 2012
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This pub has been refurbished in a style that is true to its Victorian (or older) ancestry and they have done a very good job! I heard that both the ceiling and the gents loos have been grade listed! It's split up into different sections around a centralised bar area. Upstairs there is a dining lounge that is open in the evenings.

This is the kind of pub that you would recommend to any tourist that wants to see a really traditional London pub and is now even featured in an app called Smith Finder that lists a whole load of these type of pubs around the capital.

Its a Sam Smith's pub so you know what you're getting in terms of beers, and they are always reasonably priced. The food is never going to set the world on fire, but then this isn't a gastro pub!

Unfortunately there's no outdoor seating but then we are slap bang in the middle of London, so you can;t have everything!
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14 Aug 2012
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Really good pub - great food, good beer if a little predictable but a great experience!
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03 Oct 2011
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Tastefully decorated. Great atmosphere and excellent ales. What else can I say?
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26 Mar 2010
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The interior needs no more comment from me- what I continue to find astonishing is that, Samuel Smith being the sole tipple aside, a pint here costs at least a full ONE THIRD less than in other Central London pubs. This does not, thankfully, detract from the customer base, which still retains a "local" feel despite the tourists and frequent visitors like myself.

Worth a visit for that alone.

Definitely a place to take people who do not know the area or the pub.

Fancy a stroll? The Lamb-Princess Louise-Ship Tavern...a great trio.
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06 Dec 2009
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first time back after the refit - they've done a good job but there is less space and this is a busy pub but I like it. Staff were fast and accurate, beer good and great value, will be returning again and again.

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208-209 High Holborn, Holborn, London, WC1V 7BW
020 7405 8816

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