Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

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FancyaPint?'s review...
FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
For years the Princess of Wales has been a favourite of ours; having been missed in the trendification of Primrose Hill we spent many a happy afternoon in here. Indeed, it won the coveted overall winner in Fancyapint's 2008 awards. Well sadly, the long standing landlady moved on in 2009, but thus far the changes haven't been too dramatic. It is still the traditional, friendly and relaxed local it always was. There are large windows at the front (which fold back for summer) and cosy nooks and crannies towards the back and in the basement. The most obvious change under the news owners is that the once under-utilised garden has been transformed. The back wall outside is littered with scores of mirrors and the local emulsion supplier can probably retire now. Indeed a recent intruder there has also garnered a fair amount of publicity. For reasons we can't explain, staff now wear uniform black shirts, but actual staff attentiveness was sadly rather lacking. Meanwhile while on the food front, there is an (over) extended Italian themed menu; the Sunday Lunch we last tried here was probably best described as 'acceptable'. The choice of ales wasn't amazing, either, with just Pride and one guest to choose from. Despite this, The Princess of Wales is still a quality pub, with a largely unpretentious, mixed crowd of punters, headed up by a gaggle of older Primrose Hill residents who usually prop up the large circular bar to the Sunday jazz sessions. We will however will keep a close eye on proceedings here; the last thing Primrose Hill needs is another Lansdowne or Engineer.
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15 Oct 2013
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Always get great service whenever I visit, lovely food and great cocktails! Very welcoming pub in a lovely location, would definitely recommend a visit.
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15 Oct 2013
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Such a charming pub in a lovely location. I regularly go there for food and am never disappointed! The Sunday roasts are lovely too. If you're just popping in for a drink they have a fantastic selection of craft beers, ales and cocktails as well!
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17 Oct 2012
Rating 5 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Wow!! What a transformation! What was a pretty dull local, has been revamped. The food is fabulous, the staff are friendly. It is much brighter but hasn't lost any of its authenticity. Every day/night seems to offer something different. Great for a big crowd or an intimate dinner for two. We are very lucky to have this as our local!
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09 Oct 2012
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
After a less than warm welcome by the bar staff on the ground floor, I enjoyed perhaps the best veggie Sunday roast I've had in London to date. Generous portions, and although service was slow (obviously due to the volume of customers) the friendly and helpful chaps serving in the dining room upstairs made up for the harassed, bordering on rude reception received upon arrival.
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25 Aug 2012
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Didn't go for a drink, we went for breakfast, with a booked table I may add.
The staff were surly, we were informed that "If you sit outside, the service will be even slower" this from the head waiter or whatever he was. The service was, of course, terrible, we sat there for have an hour, no drinks/tea/coffee, then the 'Head' waiter asked if we were being served, and said "Oh, you know what you want by now" took our menus and went and served someone else who just walked in!!! Needless to say, we left.
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01 Nov 2011
Rating 4 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The 'over-long Italian themed menu' should read an extremely good fresh Italian menu put together by the owner's (Italian) wife which is available througout the day till ten... while also remaining affordably priced. The economics of the place are gravity-defying. Unless you have some kind of weirdly jingoistic policy of only reviewing places for their Sunday roasts, I suggest you go there and order from the 'over-long Italian-themed menu' before delivering a backhanded and unresearched insult like that.
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08 Mar 2009
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The (long-standing) bar-staff here are horribly disorganised. They haven't got a clue who is waiting to be served, let alone the order of customers' arrival. There is never any recognition of customers' presence or hint of "I'll be with you in a moment". Today I waited and was ignored for well over ten minutes before I gave up and sat down again. My girlfriend eventually got their attention by going to the bar and literally shouting "CAVA" at them! Food orders arrive from the kitchen and often stand, uncollected, for ten to fifteen minutes. About once every hour, someone might saunter around to collect empty glasses and dirty plates that have been there for 45 minutes. Staff need to wake up and they should be properly managed. Visiting this pub is a horrible experience and I simply wouldn't bother if it weren't for the Sunday afternoon jazz (not Sunday evening as shown on the pub profile, by the way). Unless you are a jazz freak and prepared to put up with a lot of hassle and frustration, give this place a miss.

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22 Chalcot Road, Primrose Hill, London, NW1 8LL
020 7722 0354

Quiz night - quiz night Tuesday


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