Princess of Wales, Blackheath

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Princess of Wales is a Jekyll and Hyde sort of place, during the week it's an excellent local, with three beers - Spitfire, Bombardier and Pride - on the hand pumps, plenty of other interesting beers, decent wines, friendly, attentive service and good value-for-money food. But at the weekends, especially warm summer weekends, it gets mobbed. Its prominent position by the heath, next to the duck pond means it's easy to find and the opportunity for an al fresco pint with a couple of hundred of your mates appears to be an irresistible attraction to the younger locals. The pub has a beer garden, where they do BBQs and there's a pleasant conservatory, but it seems this isn't enough for some. And so we're torn: the relaxed atmosphere of the weekday pub and the effort the management puts in to looking after the clientele elevates this pub into four-pint territory, whereas the summer Saturday nite experience would drop it down to a one. However, on the basis of the weekday performance and the excellent Sunday roasts, we're awarding it a qualified three pints. If it wasn't for the damned heath out front ...
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12 Jan 2015
Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The old arguments against this place seem to have been addressed. Agreed that the service used to be dreadful. Since 2013, new staff (managers?) have seen to make sure service is much better. Food and drink have improved. Haven't been for roughly 6 months, but it was good on previous multiple visits.
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13 Nov 2011
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Burnt food, poor service, snubbed by manager on Sunday 13th November 2011 at 18:00 when very few customers in bar, and little

demand on kitchen at that time....

FIsh and Chips, with Mushy peas and a good pint of ale or 2.. Have visited many times being local to us and alway senjoyed the

fish and chips, unfortunately, this will be the last time we visit after dreadful food and very poor service.

On arrival, asking at the bar if the fish and chips are still on, knowing they are popular and sell out at times, and being 6 in

the evening, to our pleasure, they were still on.

Unfortunately when the food arrived, we both received a portion of mushy peas in a ramakin that had clearly been cooked, left,

reheated and left to dry out before being served as they had a crumbly texture!!! I returned the mushy peas to the bar and

politely advised of them that was not happy with these, and asked them to dispose of and not to replace them . At this point,

these were quickly hidden under the bar, i was blanked and then another customer served. I return back to the table...The fish,

looked a little over done, but decided to cover it with vinegar and lemon and dive in as was hungry, annoyingly, we realise we

should have just returned the entire meal, on turn the fish over, the underside was almost black, i had several charred chips

stuck to the underside of my fish and the lemon and vinegar did little to mask the taste of the burn batter from the fish.

We ate the chips and ate the Fish from inside the burnt batter, but decided to make a complaint about the poor quality of the food

tha previously has been very good, we were told that the manager would be alerted of this and would speak to us and we would be

offered some kind of compensation.

After half an hour of waiting for the manager to return to us, we left, We werent offered compensation, a drink on the house, or

even an apology or from the manager that we were expecting to see. We are resonable people, we were polite to all of the staff we

spoke to, we made it clear we were regular customers, and that the food was always good, such a shame that we had bad food, and

also had poor service from the staff regarding a complaint that was very valid, Total shame, will be a while before we go back,

PLEASE DO BETTER PRINCESS OF WALES , and to the manager, thankyou for not bothering to take our polite complaint seriously, all we

wanted was an appology, we got snubbed.

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19 Oct 2010
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I came back to the quiz at this place for the first time in about a year and a half, having been a regular. I stopped going after several instances of rubbish service, deteriorating facilities and surly bar staff put me off. Things have improved since my last visit - the men's toilets have been given a much needed revamp, there seem to be a few more bar staff (although one or two of them are still utterly clueless), and the quiz is as much fun as it ever was. But two weeks in a row now, an unacceptable number of beers were off. They don't have a great selection of real ales as it is. Most of the pumps are London Pride but it never seems to be on. And as for the tacky redesign of the exterior, with a silhouetted head clearly designed to look like Princess Diana, don't get me started...

My verdict: If you want a good pint, head down to Greenwich to the Union or the Old Brewery. If you want good food, go almost anywhere else in Blackheath. If you like a good quiz as I do, well then you're just going to have to put up with everything else.
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27 Sep 2010
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Agree with the previous comment, the bar service in this pub is awful. It's one of my locals but I am very put off by the bar staff, the service is sooooo sloooooow even when there's only a couple of people to deal with. Yesterday I met a friend there for a lunchtime pint, the place wasn't even that busy for a Sunday and I got thoroughly cheesed off standing at the bar like a lemon for 5 mins while the staff bumbled around ignoring me, then served another guy who'd just arrived. They are unfriendly and surly at best (depsite me always being courteous as I am to any bar staff) and have quite an unpleasant attitude. This pub is in a prime spot and should be wonderful to visit but it somehow never is. It's really not all that great shakes during the week, it's ok but lacks any real atmosphere not helped by this group of mismanaged (or un-managed) rude bar staff. On the plus side, the food is nice whenever I've tried it, but like your review says this pub should definitely be avoided like the plague on weekend nights, it is horrendous and packed with drunken louts. You definitely would have no hope of getting served! There are friendlier pubs to go to in the area, a pity as this should be the first choice pub on Blackheath but they just don't seem to have it together somehow.
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26 Jan 2010
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attentive service? you must be kidding
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08 May 2008
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One of our locals and always kind of put up with the slow service (they still haven't realised that when the sun shines, they'll probably be busy!) but this Sunday took the biscuit!

Sunday before a bank holiday - so more people out and about than usual. They had to close the kitchen because they couldn't keep up and ran out of food and then when I asked for some more toilet paper to be put in the Ladies, I was told they had "run out" - at 4pm. When I asked if someone would be doing an emergency supplies run to the shop to get some, the answer was a firm "no, we're not allowed to leave the bar." Good job my friends have babies and therefore wet wipes are always on hand!

Shocking. But of course they can get away with such a poor attitude because when the sun is shining, it's the only place in Blackheath to have an outside licence......

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1a Montpelier Row, Blackheath, London, SE3 0RL
020 8297 5911

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