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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Prospect claims to be the oldest riverside pub in London and while it has definitely been there some time, both The Grapes and the Town of Ramsgate also claim to be the oldest - and they're just the pubs on this side of the river. It's an attractive pub, both inside and out; inside there are all the usual trappings of a historic London pub: low ceilings, dark cosy nooks and crannies, nautical-themed trinkets, a pewter bar and a gallows complete with noose. (OK, so the last two aren't typical.) The pub doesn't deliver on all this potential however and you quickly realise it lacks atmosphere. Several owners and managers have been and gone in the last few decades and none have really managed to turn it into the great pub it has the potential to be. The beers, although a decent choice and kept well, are priced towards the regular bunches of tourists that come in on a daily basis and even the excellent riverside and upstairs terraces can't improve on our two-pint rating. 'Twas ever the thus - the Prospect of Whitby is (and always has been, in our experience) a typical tourist pub and, whilst it's good to look at, is not really a treat for genuine pubgoers. For that, you'd be much better off at one of the other 'Oldest Pub on the River' claimants a few minutes' walk away.
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17 May 2010
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Tend to agree with the review here, old it may be but it looks as if it's been made up of olde worlde parts from the olde worlde pub warehouse. Not sure how they have managed to pull it off, but it's without much atmosphere, warmth or pubbishess. A Disney pub, but not as fun. The little extended eating area does not help, all very Beefeater, but at least you can't see it from the main bar. I may be coming down heavily here, but it could and should be so much better.
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08 Oct 2009
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I think 2 Pints for the Prospent of Whitby is very harsh. I appreciate that the food is a bit average but how many gorgeous riverside pubs are there in the centre of London? I know it could be better but it is still a delightful place to spend the afternoon, in the riverside beer garden or on the terraces. The beer's good and the pub and its history are glorious.
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13 Oct 2008
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I visited The Prospect Of Whitby with my family on Friday night for dinner. I don't normally spend time writing reviews such as this one but I feel compelled to share my experience with the world.

The food we initially received was extremely disappointing; three out of our five meals were stone cold. I hate complaining and making a fuss but I was out for a rare evening with my parents, my sister and my girlfriend, and I wanted everyone to be happy. We sent our meals back only for them to return five minutes later having been microwaved. The chips by this point were soggy and our burgers really dry. The tiny piece of lettuce had shriveled up and the ketchup on our plates was now warm.

What do we do? Do we eat the nine quid burger, smile politely, say thank you and go on our way, or do we take our complaint further? In hindsight I know which choice I wish we'd taken. What we did in fact do is ask to speak to the kitchen. Ten minutes later the barman (who had served us our drinks earlier) came upstairs to our table. My father asked him not charge us for all five meals as three of them were not acceptable. His reply was that he couldn't do that and we'd need to speak to the manager – Okay not a problem.

We waited 40 minutes for a response. Eventually we got the managers attention and when my father asked him why it had taken 40 minutes for him to respond to our complaint. The manager's reply was “I have 2 sick children upstairs and they are more important than any customer in this pub”. My father's response was “I am sorry, I'm not familiar with your family situation but you have 5 really unsatisfied customers”. The manager became more irate at this point and repeated his previous statement. He then accused us of being rude and told us he didn't want to speak to us and if we had a complaint we should write to the brewery. He then walked away and continued to ignore our protests.

So we left the pub hungry, 50 pounds out of pocket, and in absolute disbelief at the way we had been treated - our evening was ruined. It would have been so much better for us had we not complained and just eaten our food. I can safely say I will never visit the Prospect Of Whitby ever again, and I would encourage everyone else to do the same. A man as ill mannered and difficult as the gentleman in charge in my opinion should not be managing a pub. Customer service clearly does not exist in this mans vocabulary. And lets not forget the disgusting food we were served which began the whole episode.

My advice would be to visit Captain Kidd down the road or if you're in the area and you want really great food with exceptional service pop into Il Bordello on Wapping lane where you are guaranteed service with a beaming smile.

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57 Wapping Wall, Wapping, London, E1W 3SP
0207 481 1095

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