Rattlesnake, Angel

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21 Jun 2013
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Seem to have forgotten something when they decided to open this pub. The drinks! Seriously, when craft lagers, ales, and ciders are booming. New breweries and pubs are opening up all over London, this pub decides to just sell the usual mass-produced lagers you find in your local social club. Even worse the bottled drinks are just as bad!

But then music venues, and rock pubs in London all do the some thing (have no clue about drinks) so maybe they are just copying them.
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23 Oct 2012
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Nice bar staff, but their supervisor was rude and officious at closing time without necessity.
I'd go back again, yet it's an expensive place to buy a drink.

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56 Upper Street, Angel, London, N1 0NY
020 7354 0471
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Claimed 24 Jul 2012
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Rattlesnake is a bar, live music venue, diner and all around fun place in Angel London, UK.


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+ 300 capacity
+ 2 Rooms
+ Live Music
+ DJ's
+ Private hire
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