Red Lion & Sun, Highgate

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Our last review of the Red Lion and Sun was way back in 2007, shortly after it changed from a traditional style pub into a more up market affair. As such, we thought it was about time for another visit. The fact that there was such a long gap between visits is somewhat telling, considering we're regular visitors to the nearby Flask and Prince of Wales. The wood panelling is painted a light and inoffensive colour, complimented by bare floorboards and chunky wooden tables. The real draw aesthetically are the two beer gardens - one at the back, another at the front, which bring in the crowds on sunny weekends. On the drinks front, its difficult to get excited about Greene King IPA, even if it has a hyperbolic tag around the pump describing how wonderful it is but the food and wine menu are probably bang on for the customers that mainly dine and drink here. There are still a gaggle of older regulars who prop up the bar but it's on Hot days that this pub really comes into it's own.
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26 Apr 2013
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We love the Red Lion & Sun. I agree with Heath, Simon, who writes these reviews has nothing decent to say about any of the pubs. I would like to know where he thinks is good. Keep doing what you're doing Heath, one of the best pubs in the area.
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31 Jan 2013
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Dear Simon,
After reading your review of my pub, I took the time to read all your reviews that you have written. Do you like anywhere?
regards Heath - Landlord
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31 Jan 2013
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This place is all about money grabing. Very expensive and zero personality. I want Noel back with him the place had more character. But it probably will do better then the other pub in Highgate as people have more money then richness of life!
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22 Nov 2011
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I had a great time at the Red Lion & Sun for a friend's birthday a few days ago. Very good food, great atmosphere, friendly staff. Definitely going back soon!
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09 Jun 2011
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I am glad Fancy a Pint has visited us again after such a long period. I am sorry to read that you do not enjoy our pub. We gauge our success by customer feedback and repeat customer. Which I am happy to report is healthy and grows year on year. The beautiful thing about London is the diversity of pubs and their offerings. I am glad that you regularly visit and enjoy other fine local pubs as they sound more to your taste.
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01 Nov 2010
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I am appalled at the injustices sometimes written on websites about The Red Lion and Sun.

True, the ‘tellies’ have gone, but only in the sense of their being no longer a compulsory and permanent influence on everyone in the pub. Televisions are brought out during significant sporting competitions. In good weather, a section of the garden is set aside for those wanting to watch an outdoor television. Other customers are not affected. Televisions are servants, not masters, at The Red Lion and Sun.

The décor of any pub is bound to offend someone, so there can be no surprise at criticism of the gloriously un-cluttered and refreshingly clean-lined Red Lion and Sun. Anyone complaining about the present décor now cannot have seen the last offering. The ‘old’ Red Lion and Sun was dirty, smelly and dark. I’ve never met anyone who dared admit to eating in there during the last governorship. The overall gloominess was given a fillip by the complimentary surliness of the former landlord.

We read that The Red Lion and Sun is now a restaurant and is no longer a pub. This is rubbish and reflects a failure of observation. The character of the place changes through time. On Sunday lunchtimes, the place swings towards restaurant. Sunday is a traditional family day and The Red Lion and Sun caters for families on Sundays. What is wrong with that? Critics who hate the sight of families with young children ought perhaps to examine themselves and their own priorities, not the policies of The Red Lion and Sun. On Monday lunchtimes, the pub is a unquestionably a pub, with a cluster of locals chatting round the bar, dogs in tow, with a pile of newspapers available for those wishing for a quiet and solitary pint. During the rest of the week, the place is mostly ‘pub’, with periodic swings towards ‘restaurant’.

The team at The Red Lion and Sun have achieved a kind of synthesis, combining excellent food and drink in an ever changing environment. They attract interesting people who lead interesting lives which are reflected in conversation. ‘Pub’ or ‘restaurant’? Who cares, except a few ungenerous puritans? The Red Lion and Sun is excellent in both modes and all stages in between. The Red Lion and Sun is a marvellous facility. Well done all!

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Within a relaxed yet bustling and friendly atmosphere our chefs create, prepare and cook meals daily for our constantly changing seasonal menu. Our menu can be described as rustic Modern British pub food with a French twist. Our head chef hails from Bourges in the Berry Province of central France.
All our meats are supplied by Phyllis and Lee Harper at Highgate Butchers, and all other produce is carefully sourced from respected producers, locally wherever possible.
We now do takeaway fish and chips every day, from noon till 10pm!