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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The outlying areas of London are home to many charming pubs, but sadly the Rose and Crown isn't one of them. All ingredients are there: once supposedly owned by Dick Turpin's grandparents, the tiny doors, wooden beams and little snug rooms are all expected for a pub built in 1700. The Sunday roasts were good, reasonably priced and served late. Add to this a garden set in a woodland brook setting. So the problems? The service was, at times, surly and small children ran throughout the pub, scattering salt packets and climbing up at the bar. We guess this is allowed now, as the 'no children beyond this point' has vanished since our last visit. It also doesn't help that groups of Chavs often inhabit the nicest room. Time your visit well and its likely you'll discover a fantastic pub. Sadly we haven't had this luck yet and can currently only award a two pint rating.
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11 Jun 2014
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The Rose & Crown is one of those hidden gems that you really want to be the one to say ‘I found it first’. First impressions are good, the outside has clearly had a spruce up and looks fresh and inviting. Once inside you are overwhelmed by the character features, the ambience and admittedly it does look a little tired on the décor front, but this is easily forgotten. There are little nooks and crannies everywhere with adequate seating for either the casual drinker, the tourist, the family or the diner. The staff are helpful, warm and welcoming and I started off the review by speaking to both the chef Dave and also to Mark who manages the pub. Both are hugely optimistic about which direction they want the pub to go in and Mark has fantastic ideas as to what he would like to do to improve the décor and make it more inviting to new customers (not that this should put you off, I will definitely be coming here again and soon!).

One of the many reasons I wanted to review the Rose & Crown was because of the negative comments made about the food and not being known as family friendly. Let me start by dispelling both! Not only is there ample space for families away from perhaps rowdy individuals but there is an outside seating area and adequate seating for dining as well. The menu changes on a predominantly daily basis but the basic staples which are firm favourites with regulars tend to stay put. For my review I had a taster session to experience as many options as possible (not being greedy honestly..) and I wasn’t disappointed! The starters consisted of Grilled Halloumi, a ‘shot’ of sweet red pepper dip, crispy spiced chicken wings, king prawns with diced pancetta and fried bread bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Let me say on record the ‘taster’ plate should be an option on the menu - it was to die for, give the diner a taste of everything! The prawns were the juiciest, plumpest prawns I’ve had and the pancetta was a divine accompaniment, whilst the Halloumi had been grilled with just enough of a bite and went perfectly with the shot of red pepper dip! I could and should have finished the entire plate but at least I know what to order when I go back! The main course was just as good and for some food, which I used to think I didn’t care for too much, I found myself enjoying everything wholeheartedly! The sea bass was incredible and served on a bed of Mediterranean vegetable with a small round of rice and anchovies. This was seasoned beautifully and fell apart, I hadn’t expected the anchovies to work well, being fish with fish, but it jut gave it the edge it needed. The most surprising thing on the plate was the Goats Cheese served with finely sliced beetroot on top of fried bread. The flavours of the goats cheese with the sweetness of the beetroot and exquisite and the fried bread is that guilty pleasure you just want more of! After devouring this I had a taster portion of the beef cooked in a rich red wine sauce and served in a giant Yorkshire pudding, the taste was rich and velvety and seasoned perfectly, my one little criticism is that the Yorkie was bought and not made - if you can create perfection in every other dish, do the same with the Yorkshire pudding! I can’t even begin to tell you about dessert (yes I made room!!) A gorgeous vanilla ice-cream served with a strawberry sauce and crushed meringue on top, warm, thick waffles with a rich toffee sauce, strawberries sliced finely and served with a coulis and little cubes of jelly made from cranberry and vodka - (oh my god this was the icing or should I say jelly on the plate!) Finally, and believe me I ate the lot, the apple crumble was the most amazing finale I could have asked for. With a perfect pastry base, thick chunky apples and topped with the finest buttery crumble, I couldn’t fault any part of it!

Overall, I had a fabulous meal that cost considerably less than any 5* establishment, the staff were amazing, friendly and couldn’t have been more helpful. An absolute must for all my readers whether taking their family or their friends!
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28 Oct 2013
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Not what this pub should and could be. In a lovely location and a great building with bags of history, but it is seemingly run haphazardly. I am not quite sure how it survives. Badly needs some tender loving care. The paint in the ladies toilet has been peeling for 5 years. The kitchen doesn't always open even though they advertise food outside. The staff are polite and efficient and it will always serve a good pint.
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29 Aug 2013
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I so want this to be a good used to be! (I live round the corner.) It so easily could be. But it isn't at the moment. Very poor welcome, poor service, kids everywhere, real confusion and actual surprise that someone walked in for drinks and a meal at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening! Pint of Fullers was good but white wine warmish and food needs to be better. Oh well, I'll give it another two years before I try again.
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17 Aug 2010
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Well, this pub STILL isn't all it should be...all the ingredients...just put together incorrectly. I don't just felt wrong, this pub. Visited on a quiet Tuesday afternoon in the Summer...Deuchars was available, so some merit at least.
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27 Jul 2009
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Lovely-looking traditional country pub on the edge of London. Fancyapint are right, though, it's not all it could be. On foot, try combining this with what must be the most spectacular Toby carvery anywhere, in the gleaming white mansion in Whitewebbs Park, and then following Turkey Brook all the way to the Turkey pub on foot.

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185 Clay Hill, Enfield, London, EN2 9AJ
020 8366 0864

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