Rosso Pomodoro (ex-Pitcher & Piano), Chelsea

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01 Oct 2011
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Went there for dinner with some friends and it was a nightmare.

Got there at a reasonable time, 21:15. It took us 15 minutes to get a menu after being seated. We then ordered wine, and that was plonked on the table by a very rude waiter who didn't believe it was his duty to serve us. When we ordered we had to point at the menu for the waiter to understand our selection. One would expect such an establishment to have waiter who knows the menu.

After all that hassle, they still got my order wrong, gave me pizza instead of a calzone, although i had clearly pointed to the right item on the menu!

And when the menu came, it appeared that my friend who had ordered a mozzarella di buffola priced at 11 pounds (already quite pricey) , was actually served a special priced at an even more incredible 15.50 pounds.

Now as regular customers, we though it would be reasonable to have a word with the manager.

We were told that we were wrong, the pizza instead of calzone issue was my fault as I had made the mistake, and regarding the mozzarella we were told it was eaten so tough luck. We also believed the service to be poor so asked for the 18 pound service charge to be removed.

We were insulted and told we were cheap. Safe to say we won't be going there again.

So be warned, if you want an expensive dinner, bad service and an insult with your coffee this is the place to go.

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214 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London, SW10 9NB
020 7352 9234
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