Royal Forest Hotel, Chingford

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
If you want to find a pub as close as possible to being a Harvester Restaurant, without it actually being one, this would be it. In the pretty surroundings of the Epping Forest countryside, this popular place has "traditional family pub" written all over it, albeit in an overtly commercial pub chain kind of way. On our weekend visit, this huge place was swarming with children running about; at least those who weren't in the designated 'play area'. The food was distinctly average (and mean too - six chips does not make a portion) and the beer was nothing special. Not a place to come out of your way for, but if you fancy a walk around Epping Forest, this place easily serves as a welcome stopping point to recharge your batteries.
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18 Mar 2012
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Avoid at all cost. Seven of us lunched here after a morning walk through the forest from Epping and the food was AWFUL. The hamburger was indelible, the mash, in the sausages and mash, moved in one gloppy lump, two friends who had, but couldn't finish the ribs, both said they tasted funny. The mushy peas with the fish and chips seemed to be some kind of green stuff with a couple of peas thrown in. Oh, and the 'real chicken breast' in the surf, turf and chicken dish tasted a long way from a chicken. Do not eat here - keep walking to Chingford Village and choose a restaurant there instead.
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17 Sep 2011
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Massive menu something for everyone, friendly staff, London Pride on Tap, fantastic destination in the Summer or a great treat after a walk through the Forest in the Winter. See the model planes and helicopters flown in the fields behind this impressive old building.
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24 Jul 2011
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untrained bar staff, disorganized
ordering food painful
no r.ale as "not settled", and even if they had it's only one beer. Ineptly offered Tetleys as though that was an acceptable substitute, instead of offering a bottled beer.
Crazy system means it's HARD to spend money
Coffee is however fantabuloso - infinite cafe for £2.50 !
how do they make money here?
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25 Nov 2009
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I went to The Royal Forest today & was very disappointed. I am a vegatarian & there was only 3 choices for me on the menu, all very boring, compared to countless for meat eaters. I had the lasagne, it was overcooked, salty & had an orange sauce on top which I guess was meant to be cheese! Considering how big & well known this pub is I would have thought it would be leading the way in pub food but obviously not. I feel it will be a long time until I go there again

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4 Ranger's Road, Chingford, London, E4 7QH
020 8523 7246

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