Salisbury, Leicester Square

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Salisbury is an ornate, well preserved gin palace, built at the height of Victorian extravagance. The interior is a wonder of etched glass, mirrors and mahogany. Coupled with some charming ornate art nouveau light fittings, you begin to appreciate there aren't many of these once commonplace pubs left in such good nick. The past touristy excesses of the pub have been thankfully toned down (we didn't see any of the tacky T-shirts which were once sold here) and the focus seems to have shifted in the right direction - it was a pleasant surprise to find four ales on offer. If you visit at busy times (after work, pre and post theatre) the chance to get the best seats is rather limited, but considering our visit found the place with an agreeable atmosphere, very good service and a surprisingly mixed crowd, we didn't begrudge propping up the bar for a pint.
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08 Nov 2011
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Located behind the hustle of Leicester Square station lies this delightful large Victorian pub. With its elaborate Victorian furnishings throughout it attracts both local employees, residents and tourists of all ages. The horseshoe shaped bar stocks a good variety of drinks, ales and beers. The service I have experienced has been friendly and excellent. There is music tapes playing in the background, an excellent genre of 60's to 90's music played at a volume not to disrupt a conversation. Table and seats occupy the periphery of the pub which face towards the bar and there is a cosy back room . There is also a snug bar behind the main bar which was not been used when I visited. There was an assorted menu and the food looked agreeable. The toilets were accessible down a staircase whose walls were adorned with TheatreLand posters. There is a pleasant ambience and maybe it could just do with a few more tables and seats to fill the concourse of this historic pub. Definetly worth a visit.
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05 Jan 2011
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Beer (real ale): OK. Quality and variety decent, but certainly not outstanding.

(I do personally feel that the sparkler - installed on all real ales here - is ultimately a disguised means to sell a short pint.)

Food: Sub-standard. Cold, undercooked chips. Compressed, factory burgers loaded with garlic. Tomatoes grown and subsequently sliced way too long before they are served. Fish thick with batter fried to indigestible heaviness. Fried onion rings so tough that they would not crumble if you stood on them.

(Loaded with tourists, this pub serves food that, sadly, gives visitors plenty of material to go home and tell friends, family and coworkers just how bad British pub food can be.)

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90 St Martin's Lane, Leicester Square, London, WC2N 4AP
020 7836 5863

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