Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Slaughtered Lamb is a relatively recent remodelling of an old gallery space - so it's an ideal pub for an area with so many loft-converted flats. Equipped with a slouchy style similar to many pubs in the capital, a mixture of squishy sofas and well-worn wooden furniture. There's the slight air of this pub existing in ironic quotation marks: it's the sort of pub where the dart board is artily displayed in a cabinet, rather than actually available for play. As for its name, the pub doesn't go silent on entering like its namesake in 'American Werewolf in London', though the too-cool-for-school attitude of the bar staff was just as chilly. Having said all that, this one grew on us during our visit. For a start, the (rather rare) Sleeman IPA slipped down a treat and the varied music mix (the Stones to Pink Floyd via trance and dub) suggested a great MP3 player stuck on random. Just as impressive was the menu: we were fully expecting to be flicking through our gastronglish-english translation dictionaries, but the choices were simple and clear and mostly under a tenner. It's enormously popular so don't expect to wander in for a quiet pint and a fireside chat, you'll be hard pressed even to see the seat.
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08 Jul 2012
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an accidental discovery wandering through back lanes on the way to the Dove Tail which turned out to be closed on a Saturday lunch time. Not particularly cheap but a good choice of well kept ales including some of the newer london brewers. Extensive list of bottled beers. On a Saturday it was a sea of serenity i suspect its a much more lively affair with the post work office crowds.
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02 Dec 2011
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Great atmosphere and really lovely staff. This is a gem for the area.

On a side note, I accidentally left my bag here the other night, rung them the next day and they'd found it and kept it safe - very impressed!
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25 May 2010
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Pub is great - Music venue great - Beer good - Chicken & Mushroom pie very good - Chips ok. Just such a shame about the poor bar staff service - Not very switched on & rather sullen.
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15 Feb 2010
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The pub itself is nice, the beer ok, and the service hit and miss - sometimes good, sometimes atrocious.

Been to worse, been to better.

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34-35 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1V 0DX
020 7253 1516

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