Somers Town Coffee House, Euston

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An establishment with a bit of history, having apparently once been a favoured meeting place for Huguenot intellectuals to catch up on events and drink coffee. More recently however, the fortunes of the Coffee House (its caffeine-related vocation having been more or less sidelined) have seemed to track the misfortunes of the surrounding neighbourhood, caught as it is between three main railway lines out of London and located on the more unfavoured side of the Euston Road. However, perhaps with an eye to the future, or on the workers of the various NGOs and think-tanks (if not trade union bosses) that have taken up residence nearby, the Coffee House underwent a major refurbishment a few years ago to become a really rather smart gastropub. Lots of polished wood and subtle lighting, and a few of the (really cosy looking, high-backed) cushioned seats are very reminiscent of those that used to be found in the single-compartment portions of trains running out of several London terminals. It's quite spacious, with a central island bar and it retains the feel of a proper (if upmarket) pub, as one side is given over more explicitly to dining, with the other good for both drinking and eating. As a Charles Wells pub, Bombardier is usually available, along with a few other choices. The food we sampled was pretty good too, although relatively expensive, while the bar staff were friendly, and the music playing was funky but unobtrusive.
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04 Oct 2010
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Why the hardline policy on cake? We'd bought about £100 of food in the form of chips and platters (avoid the 'meat' platter, the vegetarian one's quite nice) but got an earful from the barstaff for bringing our own cake! It was a nice cake! They made us put it away like we'd brought a decomposing goat.

The experience put us all off the place - we won't be returning to the Somers Town Coffee House.

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60 Chalton Street, Euston, London, NW1 1HS
0207 387 7377
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10am every morning through to 11pm
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