Spouter's Corner (Wetherspoons), Wood Green

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It probably looked good on paper: get rid of the old market and replace it with (to use construction company lingo) a 'vibrant mix of leisure and retail units'. So, now opposite Wood Green tube, local residents have to endure the gangs of kids and alcoholics who congregate outside this monstrosity of a building which houses a Chav's utopia that includes Wood Green's second cinema, a derelict former Yates's bar, McDonald's and this branch of Wetherspoon. The recent addition of a proper name (the pub was built on Wood Green's equivalent of Speaker's Corner) has coincided with a bit of a refurb and higher standards insofar as table cleaning and other basics are concerned. Changes aside, during the day, this one is popular with cinemagoers, shoppers, the retired and the unemployed. In the evening it also begins to includes anyone who bases their night on the lowest cost possible. As such, the place often has a rough transient feel, not helped by the dismissive service. All in all, drinking here is quite depressing and the place itself ugly and uninspired.
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27 Oct 2013
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there is a mass produced feel here, but the chicken wings are quite delicious, as are many menu items. But when on Wood Green, the other options are not too dissimilar when it comes to pricing, and a better bargain than many other areas of London. Gather a few mates together, start having fun, and this place is Friendly enough there is a good chance one group will merge with another for an even better time. One plus it does have going for it is the lack of TVs and no blaring music. should one want that, well the Goose across the street provides both.
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12 Feb 2010
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I can't do better than the review already posted. It's (depressingly) spot on. Another crap Weatherspoons pub.

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Unit 5 Bath Corner, Wood Green, London, N22 6EJ
020 8881 3891

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