Springfield Bar & Grill, Bounds Green

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FAP Rating 2 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Leaving the Springfield Park Tavern unreviewed has been a glaring omission on our part, for it's an impressive, imposing building on an otherwise forgettable stretch of Bounds Green Road. For a clue as to what sort of place it is, the exterior colour is a bit of a giveaway, so there will be no prizes for guessing that this is a traditional Irish pub. Inside, the pub decor is a throwback to probably the early or mid 90s. It's a large place too and goes back further than you might initially imagine, complete with a raised section for the pool table. Nothing of note on tap (is there ever in Irish pubs?) but the Guinness is good enough. Sporting action comes to the fore here, with big screens present most of the weekend, even extending to the back garden, where we encountered a plasma screen showing Sky Sports News to an audience of no-one. With an almost entirely male crowd, this probably isn't one for a first date. Or a second, for that matter. Still, if you want a basic and unpretentious pub, this might fit the bill.
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30 Sep 2013
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What was a great traditional pub has sadly become a faceless bland looking chain pub,despite the fact it is still independently owned.The price hike since the refurbishment while expected was not expected to be as hideously high as it was (Courage Best was £2-50 a pint now London Gold is available at £3-50 a pint).There is no Carling any more which has annoyed a lot of Lager drinkers and the Dartboard has gone despite assurances it would remain.But the owner is in a win-win situation because if the pub succeeds in its' new guise fine,if people vote with there feet in dismay at the new look Springfield and stop coming in then he'll simply close it down and convert in in to flats like the floors above the pub.

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133 Bounds Green Road, Bounds Green, London, N11 2PP
020 8888 4795
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MON 12pm - 00.00am
TUES 12pm - 00.00am
WED 12pm - 00.00am
THUR 12pm - 1.00am
FRI 12pm - 1.30am
SAT 12pm - 1.30am
SUN 12pm - 00.00am
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The newly refurbished Springfield Bar & Grill is open since September 27th 2013. While it still has alot of the aspects and features of a traditional pub ie. live sports, bar stools, darts night, it is now also a great pub food venue serving freshly prepared foods at great prices. The extremely comfortable layout and decor together with the traditional pub atmosphere creates a very nice overall product. Its a real good local !!

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Food Served. Live Music at weekends. Beer Garden / Outside Seating Area. All major sports shown. Cask Ales. Air Conditioned