Station Hotel, Hither Green

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A reasonable local with pleasant staff which is convenient for Hither Green station and isn't a nasty "station pub". There are plenty of worse places to drink in the Lewisham area. John Barras brewery (the high streetlocal retail arm of S&N), with the standard selection of Scottish Courage Ales. Food is good value for money. Has Sky TV and they usually show the big football games.
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14 Dec 2012
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I live nearby so I'm often in the pub and for a drink and a chat I like it very much, since the redo. However, I have been a few times to eat and have to say for the price the service is not at all up to scratch.

One quiet lunchtime we waited half an hour to be grudgingly served two slices of quiche that tasted as though they had been taken out of the microwave twenty minutes earlier, having nearly returned to room temperature. The staff often seem bent on putting us off eating in there - in the last few months almost every time we have asked for a table we have prompted a long face and a sigh of 'theres quite a long wait tonight' or, standing in front of an empty dining area 'we are fully booked from 8 (this at 6), so you can't eat here now'.

Classically, today we popped in at lunchtime to book a table for tonight (because we are so fed up of being turned away for no reason) and the floor manager first ignored us and then said very dismissively that it wasn't a good idea as there were Christmas parties coming in this evening we may have to wait up to 20 minutes for our food. She said we had to understand that the parties were a priority and we would have to put up with whatever we got. If they were busy and apologetic it wouldn't matter at all, but I always leave with the distinct feeling that we annoyed them just by asking. Possibly living in America has given us the crazy expectation that in a service industry the staff might act as though they actually want your business.

The Station Hotel is close, and very nicely decorated since the revamp, but it will be a long time before I intrude on the private conversations of the staff to try and actually spend money there again.
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03 Sep 2012
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A massive improvement since the re-furb, obviously going the gastro-pub route like the Lord Northbrook in Lee and pubs in Blackheath etc.

However, after having been a few times now, there is still room for improvement:

1) The main bar area has limited seating, and they won't allow you into the dining area unless you're dining. Very frustrating when you can't get a seat in the bar, yet have many empty seats available.

2) The ale selection. 6 ales on tap - sounds great! However, they are all really safe bets and very similar in style. How about 2-3 are summery/seasonal ales? And how about some Belgian style wheat/fruit beers?

3) The outdoor area, while huge, still gets very busy with kids running around and obviously smokers. Can't really go there if you want a quiet, smoke-free pint.

4) It's very brightly lit at night, which kills a lot of the atmosphere.

Hopefully if they address some of these issues, we will frequent the place more often, it's our local after all!
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13 Jan 2011
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The Station Hotel has been my local for over 10 years and I have often been tempted to abandon it for some of the resaons others have highlghted below. I have kept the faith, mainly due to lack of competition in the area, while clinging to the hope that it may one day live up to it's potential. Bizzarely, my decision was made for me last week when the landlord barred me from pub! My heinous crime was to ask for half a pint! I kid you not. Having strolled down for a quiet couple of pints and to watch a game of football, I decided to squeeze in a quick half before heading home. I was told by the landlord who was serving that they wouldn't serve halves while the football was on and that if I wanted a half I would need to pay the cost of a full pint! I was shocked by this, as I'd never heard anything like it in this or any other pub. The landlord claimed that this had been the rule since he had been there for over 2 years, but for me squeezing in a cheeky half at the end of a football match has been a regular part of my ritual (and I have watched a great many games in there over the years).

When I pointed this out and chose to hang on to what little was left of my 2nd pint the manager became verbally aggressive and told me that I could finish my drink and leave! The moment my glass was empty the barman, who was keeping a close eye on me) pointed this out and asked me to leave. As a quiet, 43 year old social worker who has not been kicked out of a pub in the past 25 years this was absolutely unbeleivable, particularly having seen some of the levels of yobbishness that this landlord has not had the bottle to confront in there. I stood my ground and said that I had come in in for a quiet drink and to watch a game of football and would not leave until the end of the match (which was in about 5 minutes time). The landlord then threatened to phone the police, which was ironic, as half of the clientele would have scattered if the police had turned up! As I called his bluff on this one, he gave me one last option, which was to stay to the end of the match, but then I would be barred. I pointed out that I would not want to go back to a pub which treats it's customers like that, so I would gladly choose that option. At one stage during our discussions the landlord explained that he paid a lot of money to be able to show the football and that he did not want 'people like me' coming in to watch. When I asked what he meant by that, he paused for thought (?) and actually said to me 'People who can't afford to have Sky TV in the house!' You really couldn't make any of this up!

Just thought I would share that anecdote and urge you all to steer well clear of this pub. It's a real shame, as the Station has genuine potential to become something bigger and better than this and to become the focal point of this very mixed local community (i.e go a little bit upmarket). Sadly this clearly won't happen while the current landlord is in place. It is some consolation to know that this is unlikely to be a very long tenure. In the meantime, if you are in the area I would recommend the Holly Tree, a friendly, welcoming little local nearby.
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04 Dec 2009
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Dont get most of the messages above because every time ive visited the pub there has been no aggro or attitude, i must admit the barmaid is probably the slowest thing on two legs and even if its only you at the bar she asks who is next. The only draw back is when your watching the football in the summer its hard to see the screen due to the sun coming through the windows.

during the day its quiet but its good if you just want to get your paper and chill out.

Behind the bar there is now a wii you can play to keep you entertained

Great pub ...believe the hype !!!!
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25 Oct 2009
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This pub is definitely improving especially with the acoustic night on a Thursday (the acts have been surprisingly good quality). The landlord has recently expanded the selection of ales to include London Pride and Old Speckled Hen etc so you can finally get a decent pint. He seems to be working hard to improve the place and the atmosphere is getting better as a result: there's a pub quiz on a Sunday and there are talks of a bingo night, poker evening and even mother and baby film afternoons. Still needs a lick of paint though - the ladies' toilets are pretty disgusting.
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07 May 2011
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It's changed hands again. I was hopeful of refit and change of brewery, but it opened up a few days later with the same assortment of losers propping up the bar. The wait for a decent pub round here continues...
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23 Jul 2009
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FOUL FOUL PLACE. you walk in the door and are greeted by football hooligans pulling eachothers pants down and slapping eachother on the arse, as well as pointing at punters and - as the previous review said - cant stop saying F***ing.

we went to watch the rugby and asked if the volume could be turned on, the manager was visibly frightened and said no because the chavs that were in there "like to listen to the jukebox". chicken s*** manager!

Our friend we took in there was looking for quick exits incase it all kicked off!

Until the company do something about these people and employ a proper manager it wont improve. The last year has gotten worse, despite the thursday icarus club. As someone else said, there are real professionals with money to spend there but everyone goes to blackheath rather than go to this place, and they are seriously losing out on some money! The toilets STINK of stale water/broken pipes etc.

a quick refurb of the toilets, pull up the old tattered carpet and a lick of paint, a proper manager and this place would be storming!
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22 May 2009
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After years of neglect this pub is showing DEFINITE signs of improvement. The druggy/idiot element seems to have been eradicated and more and more "nice" people seem to be going.

Thursday night is the best night, when they have something called The Icarus Club, which is an acoustic music night featuring loads of great musicians who seem to come from all over the place (the last time I went, as well as a few locals, there was a Swede, and Aussie and a Canadian !!).

The landlord is definitely trying to improve the place, but it'll only happen if it gets taken over by more "nice" people. He's keen to discourage all the undesireable elements that have made the place so unpopular in the past and the Thursday nights are just the start. Long may it continue !
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22 Aug 2008
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'Gave the Station Hotel another go last night.. Has so much potential. A fantastic, historic, building, with a potentially very fine interior.. could be an amazing place. Its Hither Green's only pub! Unfortunately the experience, again, wasn't great. We drank Stella and that was really nice, definately appreciate the quality of the drinks served.The food was cheap and if you only expect frozen food heated up you won't be disappointed. My main issue is with the service. The guys behing the bar were aggressive. One guy obviously thinks he's Liam Gallagher and that, if you can imagine, was his idea of hospitality. There's a definate football chav flavour to the place and its such a shame. As soon as you walk in you're greeted by F'ing this and f'ing that by all the blokes who drink here....Definately a little menacing! The pub needs a good bit of decorating too, but you could forgive this if the staff were a little less hostile and they got rid of the wretched football screen. Its a fine building and deserves more. As does Hither Green. If the company that runs this pub could go and see who uses the nearby train station and who lives round about they'd see a largely professional, affluent neighbourhood. Its villagey and really quite quaint. Why aim so low? There's money to be had and this could be a goldmine if only you'd offer a less grubby service! Please give the local people in hither green a place they can call their own and be comfortable in....

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14 Staplehurst Road, Hither Green, London, SE13 5NB
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