Streeties, Canning Town

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An old Watney's pub with a curious name, Streeties is a locals' place in the strongest sense of that word. Its bare, ramshackle interior makes no false promises. Hardboard sections nailed to the floor wait for someone who's forgotten (or can't be bothered) to put a carpet down. A P.A. system and its cabling were strewn around the place, blocking access to a London Fives dartboard which looked like it hadn't seen action since Ron Greenwood was the guv'nor at Upton Park. A couple of West Ham F.C. pint glasses were spotted behind the bar too. No real ales on offer here - Flowers IPA is the sole (keg) bitter on tap. Crab sticks, mussels and cheese were put out on the bar for Sunday punters - the sole bright spot in an otherwise gloomy, disconsolate drinking experience.
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15 Mar 2012
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Not a bad pub for a quick drink, Marina is the landlady she is ok, sister pub to the Whitehouse. But much more friendlier.
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06 Jan 2012
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Very friendly pub, landlady and punters are very welcoming.
As with any pub a new person always gets the once over, after that a pint and a chat, the ice is broken and you're welcomed every time with a smile!

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15 Shirley Street, Canning Town, London, E16 1HU
020 7476 3833
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Quiz night - once a month


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We are hidden behind Silvertown Way, we are a small but cosy pub not far to walk if you use public transport. We chill our pint glasses, our pipes are cleaned every week, you will never find lip marks or old lipstick on your glass which is a real turn off. GUINNESS APPROVED. Been decorated several times since we took it over in 2005, first review was unfair as we were decorating. Comfortable seating around bar area and also a private area if you are shy. WELCOME. 18 and OVER ONLY.  PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SHOW I.D. THANKYOU.