Swan and Edgar (ex The Feathers), Marylebone

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If we were offering a prize for smallest bar in London, this one would probably win. Situated in a residential street behind Marylebone Station and now running for just over a year, the new owners have done some things to try and make it feel larger, painting the walls the colour of unfinished plaster and reducing the bar to a tiny corner of the room. They opened up the upstairs room (which we don't remember from previous visits to its predecessor), but that room has been made a bit more cramped with towers of books on every unattended surface - or maybe it's supposed to be cosy. In fact, there is a serious book theme running through the whole place, from the books that make up the front of the bar, to the row of books that now adorns the overhang above the facade. Disappointingly, the real ale taps have gone, which we can only assume is down to lack of takers reducing the cost-effectiveness of keeping it. We have also heard rumours of reductions in the sizes of the food portions, which is a shame - they were hardly overgenerous when we last ate here. We can't say it feels as welcoming as it did previously, which is a shame. Hope this doesn't herald another change of direction for this tiny pub.
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22 Jul 2012
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Took a friend there to experience the smallest pub in London without realising it had turned into the worst pub in London. A great loss
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05 Jul 2012
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As the Feathers, it used to be a fun place to go into when I lived locally. Des the landlord was a delight and always welcomed visitors as long time friends. Was in town recently and popped it and was shocked. Selection of beers was miniscule and way way over priced. Didn't spend much though as the woman behind the bar made you think you were interrupting something really important. The overall atmosphere was chilly. If this is the future of London pubs, well there is no future.
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07 Nov 2009
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An achievement to take a dingy run down local and turn it into a dingy up market pretend gastropub - the Swan and Edgar is worse than the Feathers which it replaced but is no light by candlesub. The sole beer since opening in April remains Spitfire, fine. The clientele place their bags and coats on the tables and chairs and then stand in the middle of the room, between the entrance and the bar, tutting if you try to get to the bar or dare move their possessions so you can sit down.

3 Pints from fancyapint? 1 pint at a struggle.
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14 Sep 2009
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Used to be a nice pub, we always visit on the way back from Lords to the tube. Not any more. Staff (although easy-on -the eye) are surly/unhelpful/uninformed. ('Guinness' seemed to be a new word to them). Only lager available after about 7.30. Lights on / 'everyone out' dead on eleven. Just not very nice any more. Shame.

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43 Linhope Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 6HL
020 7402 1327

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