The Anchor, Cannon Street

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When a pub over-enthusiastically promotes itself as veritably dripping with history it's a sure sign for any pub fan to raise up their guard and this one is no exception; even the most generous and thirsty drinker can't help but be offended by this boozer. Dreadful RnB on the stereo, a palpable deficit of atmosphere and badly kept beer add up to a thoroughly unsatisfying pub experience. On our visit the choice of ales was bemusingly only displayed to the bar staff, with all the pump labels twisted around to face them - a situation that did not assist them in their quest to identify which beers were on that day. After a fashion we were served with two pints of something bad in exchange for over �8. Not a good start. It didn't take long, while we sat on the riverside patio forcing our beers down, to work out that the best course of action was to trot across the bridge to the fine Banker where we were rewarded with a choice of 7 ales and a cracking piece of pie.
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21 Jun 2010
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This place was just hanging onto it's pubbishness in the late 90s when I first went there. Full of interesting little nooks and crannies, decent beer and food I seem to remember and a wonderful location. It has steadily got worse over the years and the new extension on the side (should be illegal to do that to a famous old building I'd have thought) finally completed it's transformation into something Harvester-esque as the boot says. Don't go back there barry, it's soul has been sold, it will make you weep.
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16 Apr 2010
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Couldn't agree more with this review, a tourist-trap shambles of a pub.

'Historic' interiors are all very well but when they smell like a 'Harvester' you know you've got trouble.

I drank my poorly kept Greene King IPA (£3.30 a pop) whilst all around me silver-haired ladies and members of tired families stuffed their indifferent faces with standard 'pub fayre' lunches. In various corners dreary office workers forced their tedious 'banter' onto each other.

On the 'plus' side there are good views of: the Thames, lost tourists, and East European con men trying to get passers-by to part with money on a simple betting game.

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34 Park St, London Bridge, London, SE1 9EF
020 7407 1577

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