The Bobbin (formerly The Tim Bobbin), Clapham Common

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Formerly the Tim Bobbin, there's been a slight name change and a makeover for this stalwart pub in a residential area away from the bustle of Clapham proper. Tim Bobbin was the pseudonym of 18th century English caricaturist and satirical poet john Collier . We're not entirely sure why this pub has the name - maybe a previous owner liked his work. Anyway, what's become of the popular pub is not a lot different from its previous incarnation, still retaining a comfy pub feel. If anything, it's been spruced up and brought into the 21st century. There's a partially covered garden at the rear and tables on the pavement at the front for al-fresco drinks. The food was very tasty but that was to be expected because the prices are definitely in the gastro region. Still the service was friendly, prompt and obliging. We were able to set up a tab as soon as we got in and there were plenty of places to sit. Even though this place was more up-market than your average boozer, they were happy enough to retain a dart board and good selection of fun looking board games. We'll definitely be back to this one.
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08 Jun 2010
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Well well. the Tim Bobbin changes hands again.... now its The Bobbin. What happened to Tim? I was pretty sceptical after one of Clapham's old favourites lost its christian name and got painted bright blue. For once my concerns were mis-guided. The new owners have not only given the pub a lick of paint (still not sure about the colour scheme!) but also seem to have cracked the food offering. I have eaten there 3 or 4 times in the last month and not only does the menu seem to reguarly change, but I am yet to be disappointed by the grub. In fact I will go one step further and say that the food is as good as I've eaten in a pub in recent times. I just hope that the new owners can keep to the high standards that they have set. If so, I am sure that The (Blue) Bobbin will have have a long and illustrious career in Clapham. Good luck boys and girls.
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12 Jan 2009
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Dreadful food, dreadful attitude and a dreadful experience. Here's why...

On Sunday afternoon I went to this pub in a party of 5, one of which was a local bar manager who recommends this place to others. We ordered 5 roast beefs from the menu (which said roast potatoes and vegetables) and what came on my plate were 2 small pieces of beef, one french bean, a quarter of a carrot, one minute piece of broccoli and 3 tiny new potatoes - that had been fried, all covered in gravy with one yorkshire pudding. The other plates were very similar. We asked for more veg and potatoes and were told no problem, so we started. The beef was very stringy and quite frankly not nice - it looked like pork. The waitress then came back and told us that we could not have any more!

We were annoyed because the total amount of vegetables on all 5 plates wouldn't have been adequate for just one person let alone 5.

One look around the pub confirmed that we were not the only ones with a problem, everyone with a plate in front of them looked disappointed.

So we decided to complain. We asked the manageress what was going on, why our meal portions were terrible and what was she going to do about it. The answer was laughable. We were told with a smile that "people had complained about too much food", "that you know how it is, sometimes you get loads and sometimes you get hardly anything", and that there was no way she would take any money off our bill - completely insulting and of course complete rubbish.

We decided to leave, paid up and left. When we paid, we saw that the menu said the roast was 11.95 and yet we were charged 12.95! "Why?" we asked - the answer was "because we haven't changed the tills yet". You couldn't make it up. I wonder how long they have been trying that one on for...

I walked into the Tim Bobbin hungry and I left starving.

We decided to go up the road and walked in to the Rose and Crown where to my surprise (well, not really) we found others who had all been 'eating' at the Tim Bobbin an hour or so beforehand and were now having to eat again to fill themselves up! There were loads of us!! All of whom had been ripped off by the Tim Bobbin. Some people had ordered very expensive wine there and this was the way they were treated - they were eating burgers at the Rose.

And, finally, to add complete insult to injury, 2 of our party have been ill today, Monday, and have been off work - why?? Could it be the beef? Almost certainly.

Do yourself a favour and never ever walk into this pub - you have been warned. And will we ever recommend this place to anyone again in Clapham?

No chance.

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1-3 Lillieshall Road, Clapham Common, London, SW4 0LN
020 7738 8953

Quiz night - Wednesday


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