The Bull, Highgate

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The newly reopened Bull (run by the man who used to run the White Horse in Parson's Green) can now add itself to the growing list of pubs which give due prominence to beer. In this case, there are oodles of imported, draft and bottled beers from around the world, at highly inflated Highgate prices. Still, if you don’t want to spend £4.70 for 33cl of beer, it is also brewpub, with a couple of ales to choose from. The previous owners marketed it a restaurant, but it didn't last very long and the refurb doesn’t appear to have changed too much – even the signage is the same. As such, it has a somewhat restaurenty feel, tempered by the uniformly friendly service. But the Bull is a tough nut to crack; an enormous space, set over two floors and neither near the tube, or the relative bustle of Highgate Village. Pubbing on a Sunday afternoon in Highgate always raises the spectre of running the gauntlet of middle-class prams and the Bull is no exception. With kids running about inside, we were lucky enough to escape outside, where we tried both of the home brews, along with a spot of food, which seems to have an American influence. The two ales were pretty average, but well kept and decent enough to drink, while the Sunday Lunch at £13.75 for ribeye of beef was acceptable, but pretty unmemorable. And that sums up the place; there are more atmospheric pubs scattered all over Highgate, which will probably attract our attention when we’re in the area.
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05 Sep 2012
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Good Highgate pub, worth the walk up the hill. They make their own beer on site which is about 3 quid, great price for this area of London. Great food, we had to wait a bit as it was nearly 9pm on a Saturday night, but the waitress gave us some free olives to say sorry.
Really good night had by all in the group.
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14 May 2012
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The excuse given for poor service was that they are pub not a restaurant, in my experience surely poor service is simply that and reference to the type of establishment you is irrelevant

its a shame because this venue has been plagued by bad management and in an area such as Highgate they have a willing and able audience to deliver good food and a nice atmosphere.

So experiencing a stream of abuse when querying why we had to wait 20 mins before anyone showed us any attention is not a behavior that will entice me to return nor recommend.

If you want a nice 'Pub' then try up the road - Wrestlers or Red Lion & Sun are much better options

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14 May 2012
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is this a pub or a restaurant, there is definitely an identity crisis going on in that they want to excuse poor service by saying they are a pub, whereas they are happy to charge restaurant prices for their food.

As 'Gastropubs food goes it's not bad but the overall experience is not a great one, there are alternatives in Highgate that i suggest you try

the last owners drove this place into the ground, will eb a shame if history repeats itself.
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24 Oct 2011
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I have visited here a few times now. On the first visit I had food (beer braised beef salad) and I was disappointed with the portion of salad, but I do think it has increased since as I have had it since and it was significantly bigger. I will put that down to it being new as from the date below I think my first visit must have been the first week. Since then the food on every occasion has been spot on. The beer on tap and the selection in the fridge is world class and really well thought through. The staff are very good and its the kind of place that looks good but isnt too stuffy (I hate it when you have to be told where or how to order etc). The music is also very good, a little on the American funk . soul side I have there food! I cant fault the place really, if I had to be picky I would say that some days the casks beers are all on and on some days only 3 or 4...but I guess thats still good to other pubs in the area. Oh and another plus point is their own beer, brewed on site called Beer Street is rather good and under £3 for a pint. Top notch. Its my favourite pub of recent weeks and I would recommend anyone who loves good food and drink to go (their wine selection was good too)
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25 Aug 2011
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The Bull reopened 18/08/2011 and now contains a microbrewery. An excellent choice for serious beer drinkers.

Food nice but could do with the chips/potatoes/veg being included in the price of the meals so as to make them more reasonable.

Its still early days but has had a promising start.

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13 North Hill, Highgate, London, N6 4AB
0208 341 0510
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Sun: 10:00 - 23:00
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Great local brew pub situated on the outskirts of Highgate Village. Good, well executed food, drinks and service, brought together in a friendly pub atmosphere, complemented by our own beers brewed on site.