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This historic pub, a reputed haunt of George Orwell, was opened in 1730 and reopened in 2009 following an extensive revamp. It's a handsome Georgian building, in a charming part of Islington, with a huge garden. It used to be a nice spot for a few beers on a sunny day - although getting served from the tiny bar took an age. The dingy back room which featured a pool table has now gone, replaced by a huge, airy restaurant extension. The collection of old benches in the large beer garden has been replaced by a labyrinth of smart-looking outdoor seating with table service for diners. On the drinks front, you're still likely to find a decent selection with a few real ales on tap. But this isn't a pub that it set up to cater for those who want to drink but not eat. Despite the revamp, the bar area, which was always far too small, has been kept the same size. If you're not eating you can't reserve a table outside and you don't get table service - you have to queue at the tiny bar. So whilst the Canonbury is probably a very good restaurant, it's not a particularly good pub. More Tony Blair than Eric Blair, perhaps.
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17 Dec 2012
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Took in this pub on a pubcrawl - never again. Grossly overpriced, poorly kept ales.

That does not do the place justice. I did not know that it was possible to destroy a pint of Tim Taylor Landlord the way this place did. Frazzled cold, and tasted vile.

Never again. Nothing else to say.
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07 Aug 2011
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Went in there yesterday and as i am a local and occasionally walk in for a beer even if it's not a place i like but it's near where i live. Yesterday i was with a group of Friends and we decided to have a quick beer before going to the "Field Day Festival" in Victoria Park which was a complete disaster too, anyway, decided to have some food before going, had a look at the menu and decided to order the Bacon and salad burger and after 35 minutes it arrives displayed in a wooden cutting board, nothing wrong until i started looking at the burger, it looked overcooked, but not only that, it looked like it was grilled, and then it was stored, and then i was heated up again, and then fried so it would be warm when it got to me, i am i retty good cook myself and i would bet a finger that burger was cooked and re-cooked before and kept for more than a day or 2, the outside of the burger was really hard and stiff and had a weird colour, and the worst is that when i cut the burger open it smelled rank............. ARGHHHH!!!

I had 2 options, go to the bar and ask the guys there and the cook what was going through their minds to even consider serving that to another human being or the second option was to throw it in their face (which i was really tempted to do i was so angry...)

Anyway, all the people that work there are not older than 21/22 years old and that included the scruffy young cook that went past me coming back from having a cigarette outside.

I decided to to give it back to the people in the bar and they looked astounded i was bringing food back.... and they didn't even ask me if there was anything wrong with it, they just picked it up from the bar and took it back to the kitchen and didn't ask if i wanted my money back or something else, nothing and because i was in a fighting mood, i just went away finished my beer and left never to return again.

It's not the first time i give this place a second chance and it always ends up in disappointment.

This place used to be nice when it had the Pool tables but as it happens more and more this "places" are refurbished to please the people that have no money to spend, hipsters that sit there all afternoon with a pint of cider they don't order anything else. Well, good riddance.

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17 Feb 2010
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I'm a bit upset, can't spell properly...! Not recommended.
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17 Feb 2010
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It's the third time i have been to the Canonbury to try to make my mind about the place and i regret to inform after the 3 times i have been there and trying to forget about the extortionate prices i find the food to be rubbish and too expensive and blunt. The staff there are really rude, especially the little blond girl who i'm not sure is old enough to work.

I asked for 2 lagers and some wasabi peas to which i paid £ 9.95!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was about +/- 15 wasabi peas in the pod and when i asked if i had some more because to match the quite expensive price to get value for money the blond chav said very rudely that was the amount i was going to get and should pay again if i wanted more...

I can take on prices being out of line for the service but i cannot accept lack of education and rudeness. The drinks are too expensive, the food lacks flavour and is not food, they show some strange old western movies on tv and the staff is rude, it's a strange disappointing place. Will not be back.
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22 Oct 2009
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Agree with review. Would hesitate to call this a pub. More restaurant than anything. Went for a sunday roast and was very unimpressed. Service wasn't terrible though.
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07 Sep 2009
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This review is spot on. Hugely expensive and a terrible building job on the pub and a destruction job on the garden. Could have been one of the best places in London and is now just a downmarket TGI Friday at twice the cost and three times the wait.

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21 Canonbury Place, Highbury, London, N1 2NS
020 7704 2887

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