The Castle Inn, Ealing

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FAP Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
The Castle Inn is a fine Fuller's pub, on a stretch of road which boasts a handsome compliment of four pubs. There's a good - albeit not complete - range of Fuller's beers and a Thai menu provides the accompanying food. The exterior is rather attractive, but the interior is looking slightly tired these days with some of the chairs needing reupholstering. Also, the atmosphere isn't as cosy as you might hope for, especially in the slightly sparse middle section where the footy screen is. Nevertheless, its comfortable enough at the back and with good service, a reasonable beer garden and some decent tunes being played this is a worthwhile local that looks after it's clientele pretty well.
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05 Jul 2014
Rating 3 - Click for an explanation of our ratings
Firstly let me correct the "Features" listed above: Restaurant = they do serve restaurant quality food and it is very good, as is the portion size, but if you travel here expecting a separate restaurant you may be disappointed. Also this is most definitely not a waterside pub - I'm sure that must be an overlooked typo. Additionally I am sure there is no on-site brewery.

Went today, as usual, to watch the qualifying session for the Grand Prix. The only other people watching this were an elderly gentleman and his middle-aged son. Throughout much of the surprisingly exciting first qualifying session they read the Torygraph, the elder occasionally calling abusively to the TV. After the first qualifying session, the manageress called past me to ask the old guy what time he would like her to switch over to the tennis. Two o'clock came the reply, though the first ten minutes of the tennis would be just them knocking the ball about. I pointed out that I would like to leave the coverage of the qualifying on, especially for ten minutes if they were just knocking the ball about. The manageress just sniggered at me. After Lewis Hamilton screwed up his final lap I was eager to hear the ensuing interview. The manageress asked the old swearer if it was OK to turn over to the tennis "Please do" he begged selfishly, in disgust at Hamilton's cock-up. "Please don't" I begged "I want to hear what he has to say for himself" (he was actually interviewed just six minutes later, for one minute). Clearly as the manageress wasn't asking me she didn't care what I wanted, and the old man's timid son didn't seem to know what he thought. As I left in disgust I called in to the nearby New Inn, a much bigger pub with more TV screens (and wheat beer which the Castle lacks), who confirmed that they will be showing the British Grand Prix the next day, and I will not be going in the Castle for a very long time. It is a shame that this has let down the pub as it is generally a good pub, and the manager works hard to keep everyone happy and make it a (usually) pleasant place to be.

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36 St Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5EU
020 8567 3285

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